Joy and Slides

Elijah gives me such joy. I love to do anything with him and watch him enjoy life.

I sometimes suppose that is how the Lord views each of us. He loves to see us enjoy our lives, smile and take in simple pleasures. He loves for us not to worry or plan. He loves for us to just be who He made us.

It has been SO warm here in Colorado–Hurray! It does wonders for my mood and for the state of my house. Elijah now begs me to go “bye-bye.” On one of my days off we went to a new park and he had a blast. Sure it was windy but that didn’t stop him. My sweet little baby is now a real boy. He used to need me to help him climb up the tall equipment but now he has no fear. Even as the elementary-aged kids climbed all around him, he was fearless.

I had to snap some pictures {with my phone} of him going down the winding slide since it is the one that used to scare him the most. And I am not sure why his tongue was out the entire time we were there. He enjoyed  licking all the equipment (double-uck!!!!) a little too much. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Joy and Slides

  1. Those phone pics look amazing! So neat to see him grow. And reading this was a nice reminder for me to take it slow. Thanks for that, Ali. 🙂

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