Oh bed, I love thee.

We are back from our wonderful trip. I survived the plane rides {did you know I am somewhat terrified of air planes?}. I survived the pre-trip stress. David and I are refreshed. Elijah still remembers me. The house is almost cleaned and back in order. All is well.

We took a spontaneous babymoon when I was pregnant with Elijah {on a Mexican cruise} and this trip was also a nice get-a-way before Little Farm 2.0 makes his/her appearance.

Even though this was a work trip of sorts for David, we still had a lot of time to ourselves. We went to a conference for the ministry he works for {Fellowship of Christian Athletes} and were poured into by many wonderful speakers and worship leaders. We ate delicious food and got to know some of his co-workers better. We shopped, ate ice cream, rested, worked out, and watched cable.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the bed. Yes, the bed in the hotel room. Crazy I know. I am a picky person when it comes to cleanliness {especially with beds and bathrooms}. My condition is borderline OCD.

When we went on our honeymoon {back in 2006} I was aghast when I saw David sitting in bed like this one morning:

Did he not see all the documentaries on hotel comforters on Dateline? Does he not know that those blankets contain, yes I am going to say it, semen and pubic hairs? ahhhhhh!

Since our first trip together, it has become a standing joke when we travel that David always tries to rub the “pube blanket” on me. I always run, scream and punch him later. Those things are disgusting.

Consequently, I always worry when we travel that our hotel room will be dirty, the sheets won’t be changed {from the last guest} and that the bathroom will be still dirty. All things that have happened to me in the past.

This time…not the case! The hotel room smelled like it had just been renovated. The bathroom was spotless. The bed…well, take a look for yourself:

White! Yes, white bedding. White is the best bedding to have because you can immediately tell if anything creepy or crawly is present. I was so excited. And the bed was SO comfortable. We have a queen size in our room at home. Having a king actually enabled me to sleep well for the first time while pregnant. I loved it.

Now someone else please tell me that I am not the only one with this weird hotel room phobia. Or share with me some of your own pet peeves. It will make me feel not quite so crazy… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Oh bed, I love thee.

  1. You are so funny, but I am similar. My hubby walks around barefoot in hotel rooms! Ewww! I have to have at least socks on, and I bring my own pillow. I love white because you can bleach it! Yay!

    It’s so funny because Mirabel has recently started saying, Eww! I didn’t realilze how often I say it until she started saying it. I’m a neat/clean freak too.

  2. My pet peave in a motel is comfort of the bed, how homey it feels. and water pressure in the shower. Never thought too much about the other things that were mentioned, and no I am personally not a fan of white. I think white is too sterile but that is just me.

  3. Oh, yeah, hotel beds kinda freak me out. Watched way too many discovery channel documentaries on bed bugs (didn’t we all in middle school?). I think you’re wise to err on the cautious side–and yes, thank goodness for white! Would put me MUCH more at ease.

    Glad you got to enjoy yourselves, and hope the coming pregnancy weeks pass by quickly for you!

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