Book Snob

At least that is what I would call myself.

I am VERY picky about what I read.

I rarely read non-fiction, self-help-type books. Not because I couldn’t stand to learn a few things but because they bore me and most often drive me completely crazy. And just typing that makes me feel like a snob but I have to be truthful here…

I love stories. Good stories. I don’t mind a good, non-fiction story but I am not really one to read about celebrities or famous people. So no, you will not find me reading Tim Tebow’s book even though I am a loyal Bronco fan.

I like to relate to characters and glean lessons from their personal lives. I think God knew what He was doing when He wrote the Bible. Stories are so much more relatable than lists of rules and commands to follow {in my human opinion}.

In an effort to read more, I joined a book club. We read only Classics, talk about them and then watch their corresponding movies. Genius idea if you ask me {and I didn’t even think of it}. I signed up without batting an eye. I foolishly assumed if a book is a Classic then it is a well-written, interesting story. oops. It isn’t that the books aren’t good {to someone} or challenging to read {they are to this nursing major}; but I am just so darn picky when it comes to what I like and don’t like.

I’m a book snob.

Now that would make you think I like only the best of books. Nope. I have a confession…I loved the Twilight series.

I just heard some of you gasp and fall off your chairs…I hope you are alright.

Please do brace yourself for this, my latest book obsession:

My snobbish tendencies were initially reluctant but I was desperate for something good to read. And enough people mentioned these books that I bought the first one on Amazon to give it a try. And two days later I had bought the other two. A week later, I was finished with them all and suffering from post-Hunger Games depression {thankfully the movie comes out in a month!}.

These books are easy to read and have all the elements of a good story. Sure the main characters are teenagers {I still look like one} but the premise and the details of the books are genius {in my unrefined opinion}.

So now that I am finished with my latest book addiction, I am on the hunt for another good read {anyone have any suggestions?}. One that will convince me to use up Elijah’s nap time and my free time in the evening to do some ferocious reading. I better clean my house and do some laundry in preparation. 🙂

If you need a good book, here are some of my recent favs:

*Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers {actually I love any book that she writes, they are AMAZING!}

*The Help by Kathryn Stockett

*19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult

*The Last Jihad Series (5 books!) by Joel C. Rosenburg

*Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins

*Heaven is for Real by Tood Burpo {a non-fiction story!}



8 thoughts on “Book Snob

  1. Hi Ali, thanks for the tips. Lily and I are enjoying your blog this fine Saturday morning. Now, we have some book shopping to do. We love you!

  2. Loved this blog Al, as i love all of your blogs. I have a couple books to recommend that I LOVE!!!
    1.) Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker (haven’t actually read this one yet but it is my next on the list and I have heard nothing but THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE from people!)
    2.) Peace Child by Don Richardson – At first i wasn’t sure wat to think of this one when i began, however it very quickly grabbed by attention and by the end i was amazed!! loved it so much!!
    Now both of these books are non-fiction about missionaries, however they are stories and intense great ones at that! Peace Child mentiones Ryan Dekkers grandparents in it, so cool, and Compelled by love is about the ministry and people who run the school im giong to!!! both are easy reads. i dont think you will regret these! =)

  3. I’m super glad you are part of your book club. I think “Hans” is interesting reading because everyone gets killed. I figure when u host you can choose a modern book club book. Or we could do every other? We want u to be happy as well!

  4. First of all I too am a huge fan of Francine Rivers. I still have a couple of your books that I need to read, I am also a fan of Frank Peretti. Personally, his books will also draw you in to the point you can’t put them down. I also like John Maxwell. I enjoy reading bible stories. Confession: I am a big fan of children’s books. I love Dr Suess, I love Eric Carle and anything with a cute story and ring to it.:)

  5. Hello my beautiful friend 😉

    1.) P.S. I Love you ~ Cecilia Ahern
    2.) The Wedding or the Notebook ~ Nicholas Sparks
    3.) The GIft ~ Danielle Steel (One of my all time favorites, I think you would like it too)
    4.) Kissed by an Angel ~ Elizabeth Chandler (young adult fiction, easy read, guilty pleasure)
    5.) Syndrome ~ Thomas Hoover (I know you dont enjoy murder/mystery but this is a medical thriller about a new drug that is suppose to reverse aging but the side effects are not as suspected)

    We have similar likings so any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. I too like Francine Rivers, thanks to you 😉 I am going to try the Last Jihad series you mentioned.

    P.S. I have a few of the books I suggested so dont buy them until you talk to me.

    Love you friend!

  6. Joining a book club is a great decision. I’ve been listening to the Hunger Games series on my way to and from work on book 3 now. My BC pick for the month is 365 Thank You’s it’s a non-fiction and we meet on Tuesday so I better get reading…luckily you don’t get kicked out if you don’t finish.

  7. Oh my….LOVED the hunger games! I was a little skeptical at first too but once i read the first one I was hooked! Super excited for the movie! Have you read the newest series by Francine Rivers? I can’t remember the title, but it’s something about mothers and daughters…anyway, really good, if you like Francine Rivers, you’d like these. At least I think you would, but I could be wrong, seeing how you are such a book snob 🙂

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