Crack, Crack

I bet you are not quite sure what to expect with that title are you?! 🙂

David and I are making our way out of town today. He is going on a trip for work and I am joyfully coming along. But rest assured {any potential creepers out there…}, we have people staying at our home watching Elijah and Turbo.

If the grandparents have any downtime, I hope they glance at my blog. Because they will need to know the following information while watching Elijah.

You see my boy loves crack, crack.

You still need some clarification?

Crack, crack” is Elijah-slang for crackers of any kind.

Who knows where his little mind came up with that name but I find it quite endearing. And at times, have even been known to slip up and say it myself.

Elijah loves his crack, crack so much that we often find him sneaking downstairs, opening the pantry door, and then climbing back up the stairs with the crack, crack of his choice. Just the other day I found an entire box of wheat thins on the steps next to a little boy and little white dog as they were both enjoying an afternoon snack. Then there was the time that I found him in the pantry with an empty diet coke can, his laptop and the graham crackers.

A few days ago, he drug the entire bag of animal crackers up the stairs to enjoy while reading a book:

So grandparents be warned, Elijah will most likely be sneaking a little crack, crack behind your backs while we are gone.


5 thoughts on “Crack, Crack

  1. Aha! That is hilarious! Very catchy term, I’m not surprised you’re using it, too. 🙂

    Glad you made it through til today, and hope you have a WONDERFUL, relaxing time! You sooo deserve it!

  2. Oh I am going to enjoy this weekend soooooo much!! I just may sit down and enjoy a few CRACK CRACKS myself! 🙂
    Gramma Nancy

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