*K* is for Krispy Kreme

I happened to marry a man that is amazing at planning fun, original dates for us. I don’t know if he inherited that gene or if it is just a God-given talent but I never complain.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that as much as he likes planning fun things for us to do, he must also like it when I surprise him with a planned date for him to enjoy.

A few weeks ago, I knew that we had a free Saturday coming up and tried my hardest to think of something original that we could do indoors {it’s been cold and snowy around these parts}. Finally I decided that it would be fun to go to the best donut place in Denver for breakfast.

You see I don’t really like donuts. Wait, scratch that. I LOVE donuts but they aren’t good for me so I have decided to tell myself that I don’t like them in an effort to keep those pesky little treats out of my mouth. Thankfully it has worked for much of my life but then I married a man who openly loves donuts. We don’t eat them often but I know he likes them. And Elijah has never really tried them.

So I googled and asked around to see what was the best donut place in Denver. Nothing. No one could tell me and I couldn’t believe it. Not being a donut connoisseur myself, I simply assumed that someone would know where to get the most tasty donut. Nope.

Before I could give up on my idea completely, a co-worker mentioned that I should try Krispy Kreme since you can watch as they make the donuts. I knew that Elijah would like that so I gave it a try. We woke up really early and I didn’t let the boys eat anything before we headed out the door. They still didn’t know where we were headed. David handled it pretty well but Elijah did shed a few tears while begging for some food. I knew if he ate before we got there that he may not fully enjoy the donut so I had to be a tough mom. 😦

We got there just as it started snowing and as Elijah was so upset that he may have been considering eating his fingers {it’s hard to be 1}.

When we walked in the smell was AMAZING! Then we went over to watch the donuts being made:

Since it was our first time, one of the employees gave us each a fresh, hot glazed donut. Those alone could make me a donut addict I tell you. They could be a pregnant woman’s crack.

When I finally came out of my sugar coma we each picked out another donut to eat {because who counts calories these days!?!?!}. Elijah got the one with sprinkles. David chose a maple frosted one. And after much internal struggle, I finally settled on the cinnamon roll donut. But rest assured, I can tell you that they were all delicious!

And as you can tell from the frosting in E’s hair, he enjoyed his as well. 

And since he knows no better, I am sure that Elijah would say that those were the best donuts in Denver. 🙂


2 thoughts on “*K* is for Krispy Kreme

  1. when I was growing up Winchell’s was the place to go, and there is one close to us, but it simply is not the same anymore. I totally conur nothiing beats Krispy Kreme. Awesome idea and I bet you had lots of fun.:) yum yum. now if you ever go back. I would like one please.:)

  2. Your photography just make these posts, Ali! You’re getting soo good. And what a fun, yummy outing to have on a winter’s day. Those boys are lucky to have you!

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