Growing and growing

Things are getting bigger around these parts. It is so true…you really DO pop out faster with your second baby.

I like to wear belts right now so that I look more “pregnant” and less “wow, she has put on some weight.” But to most, I still must look questionably chubby. At work, none of my patients have commented on me being pregnant. It is awkward when they glance at my midsection, we make eye contact, and then they say nothing. However, I do enjoy keeping it a little secret until I pop out even more.

I still don’t feel completely better. The 2nd trimester is A LOT better than the 1st but being pregnant is not something that my body loves. I still feel pretty sick at night and my energy level can plummet faster than the stock market. I am still kind of picky about food and my dreams get crazier and crazier.

I rarely have time throughout the night to remember the crazy ones because they never quite make sense and when one dream ends, another begins. But the other day I had one about McDonalds. I was going through the drive through to get a $1 large diet coke when I noticed that they had a new sign. The sign stated that to purchase a $1 drink I must may a $5 yearly membership fee. I was so mad that I didn’t know what to do. I really wanted the diet coke but I didn’t want them making more money off me. I just sat in my car having this moral dilema for who knows how long. Then I woke up.

Trust me, most of them are weirder and even more random than this one. All I can figure is that my mind takes things I have seen, heard, thought or talked about during the day and randomly selects a theme. Then my crazy pregnant mind fills in the blanks. Like McDonalds probably came from me and a friend talking about what we would do if our husbands took us to McDonalds for Valentines day. And the membership fee probably from my Amazon Prime benefits expiring. Who knows!?!?

Anyone have any crazy dreams they have had lately that you actually remember? Do share.


6 thoughts on “Growing and growing

  1. Seriously Ali, can you look any cuter!! Love your little baby belly! Do you guys plan to find out what you are having? Also, love the striped sweater, where is it from?

  2. I just fnished reading your blogs. wow!:) did you write a book? I had a crazy dream the other night. I dreamnt FCA came into alot of money in the form of a check from a relative. The funny thing was, I found the check, looked at it, was in shock and woke up.:)
    Love the pictures of you. You are so beautiful
    love you

  3. You look pregnant to me! šŸ™‚
    I look awkward right now. Mostly like I have a beer belly, even though I’ve never touched one in my life ha. I do get those funny looks. I look like a baby chick. Everything is scrawny except for my midsection :). The belts are a good idea!

    • I just totally laughed out loud at your comment Sophie! You may think you look like a baby chick but I bet you just look adorable–especially with your new hair cut. šŸ™‚

  4. I think you look awesome! Do we need to have book club in the middle of the day so that you feel better? I bet the girls would be totally down for it! We want a healthy happy Mama. I feel closer to you since your body doesn’t like pregnancy either!!!

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