loveROWAN Winners!

The best part of any giveaway is finding out who wins, right?

Well at least for the winners that is. 🙂

So without further adieu, our two winners {picked randomly}:

Congrats girls!  Please send me your address so that I can get you your prize.


I want thank each of you for entering my first-ever blog giveaway. And even more importantly, a BIG ‘thank you’ for helping to get the word out about this amazing ministry.

I recently saw first-hand, through a FB post written from a woman in Uganda, that even doing little things like this to increase awareness about ROWAN really does matter:

p.s. My sweet mom surprised me this week by buying me my own necklace. Let me tell you friends, the beads and the jewelry are even more beautiful in person!


9 thoughts on “loveROWAN Winners!

  1. Lucky you. I think the reason I couldn’t enter is because I don’t do facebook or twitter (I don’t have a cell phone). But if I can win by leaving a comment, I am so in.

    • Marie…I still included you in the giveaway because I figured you didn’t have either from reading your blog. 🙂 Thanks for reading and always writing such encouraging comments

  2. Words cannot express how much you’ve encouraged just me, personally, through this, Ali. Not to mention my widows. Brings me so much joy to know you’ll be wearing a piece of jewelry which MIGHT be as beautiful as your heart!

  3. o dearest ali, You have my address on file already!! I am so excited for my new jewlery…. ;););)
    Yours truly
    Lori ASHLEY KATY Farmer ;);)

  4. Wow…what a blessing, so excited about the bracelet! And thank you so much for informing us about this amazing ministry! I love your blog and your heart Ali. We really should try to get together soon, I would love to see you! Been too long! My address is 14167 Albatross Dr. CO Springs 80921. So happy you got a necklace!!

  5. I just saw this. No worries now I am officially following your blog and will get e-mail updates so I do not miss out. 🙂 THANK YOU ALI!!!

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