I just finished cleaning the house, washing {and folding!} all the towels and bedding. I also  did some minor painting and touch-ups around the house and finally got around to organizing our office. Elijah and I read about 10 books, colored for a little while, played and did a mini photo shoot {see below}. We also ate lunch and breakfast. I could also tell you how many diapers I have changed but I don’t want that to be overkill.

Somedays, when I don’t feel like I have accomplished much it helps to write it all down. To see that I really did something instead of focusing on all the things that are left to do. Should I note that I have yet to officially start Christmas shopping or mail our Christmas cards? Or that I have not taken a shower? Or blogged in weeks? Nah…that would make me look a little too human. 😉

I know all of you are wanting to know if Elijah has yet to say “mama!” And sadly, the answer is no. But he can now say, “Bubbles, bubba, baby, Turbo, the ‘M’ in Elmo, Papa, night-night, ‘where is it’, apple, banana, crack-crack {for cracker}, cookie {for his beloved fig newtons}, wow! and bye.”  They are all pretty cute.

Speaking of Elmo, if you have a toddler that loves him TO DEATH, then you need to head on over to YouTube. Instead of watching an entire episode of Sesame Street, hoping and praying that Elmo will make an appearance in the first 10 minutes to delight your child, you can have an instant 3-minute clip of the little, red guy. It is amazing. So far I have probably watched 15 clips in the last week and how could I not share my favorite:

Speaking of Elmo…

You may think he is obsessed but I think it’s just love. 🙂

Those eyelashes!

I will give you a prize if you guess the correct number of Elmo’s in this picture, hehe.

All I know is that this picture I saw on FB could not be more true:

Except that Elijah’s “Elmo region” may be just a bit larger than normal.


6 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. I think it’s fun and healthy when the little ones have a somewhat obsession. It’s great you’re just going with it because eventually they leave it in the dust, sigh.

    I wish I would have written down all of my mini accomplishments when my kids were young because really it seems like not much happened. Obviously when you’re a stay at home mom you’re juggling and accomplishing a million different things.

  2. I love those PJs. Mirabel has been obsessed since about 9 months, but she just barely started saying his name about a month ago. I have been thinking about you lately! I am going out of town this weekend but will write when I get back (I know I’m long over due with that :).

  3. I keep re-reading and re-looking at this post! Your photography is REALLY stunning, Ali. Just wow. I can’t believe how professional those photos of Elijah and elmo are. Sooooo adorable! And the red?! Love how you set it against the beige background–really makes all of Elijah’s and elmo’s color and cuteness pop.

    Proud fellow-artsy friend!

  4. Cute, we too have a Elmo loving boy at our house. And the Elmo duck video is also our favorite. We don’t have cable and we aren’t everyday at 10 to view Sesame Street so you tube is how we do it at our house. Ian got to see the red guy live last week and was in love complete love he drooled throughout the entire show!

  5. I’m not sure if David is okay with these pictures. Wasn’t this little man suppose to be a cookie monster fan?! haha. Ben even laughed when he saw this one. I just had to share 1.) how big he is now 2.) how adorable he is getting 3.) just how much Elmo is running the show

    Miss you friend. Can’t wait to see you Monday!

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