Our office

This is what Elijah loves to do in our office:

It is an every day occurrence–the mess not him going without pants.

He loves to pull things out of drawers and off book shelves. He loves to dump the paper clips, throw the calculator over the banister and empty the filing cabinet of it’s contents. If I don’t clean it up, he could really care less. Some how making a mess with stuff that is already part of a mess isn’t as fun. The funny thing is that I simply can’t leave it in this state. I just can’t. Even looking at that picture gives me mild heart palpitations.

I have decided that the office needs a renovation…

Well, really a re-arrangement. I would love have some built-in desks, buy some new furniture and make it magazine worthy. But let’s face it, I need to work with what I have. And to top it all off, I am going to make Elijah a little corner for himself. I am hoping that a little play area will lure him past the computer cords, the office supplies and the scissors.

And speaking of office-y things. Do any of you have recommendations for backing your pictures up. I am thinking something affordable yet dependable. I also don’t really want to upload them all on Flicker or Photobucket since that seems like just another account to have to manage. You know what I mean? I have too many passwords and login names to count.


5 thoughts on “Our office

  1. Oh kids. My daughter would empty my bookshelf daily. I just bought an organizing system from creative memories called memory maker (online). It put all my photos in order and does a lot of other things, I just haven’t taken the time to figure it all out and familiarize myself with it.

    As far as backing up photos I think it does that too. I am useless with anything technical so I have to have my husband figure it all out first and then give me the cliff notes. Sorry, not that helpful I know.

  2. we back up all of our pics onto a flash drive and then the flash drives go into our fire safe. I also have about 99% of them on facebook, not sure how reliable FB is but yeah a flash drive.

  3. Hello Beautiful Momma!

    I love this post because I can appreciate the heart palpitations. 😉 I would be the same way. Madison has begun the journey of causing that sort of disruption but has yet to reach that magnitude….yet.

    It is funny you post this about changing up the office. Ben and I are discussing moving the current office/scrapbook room to the front room in preparation for baby #2 (not quite yet but in the very near future, yea!) I completely understand the lack of funding for a very “simple” fix. We are currently keeping our eye out for a “new” computer desk on craigslist.

    As far as backing up. Ben and I have over 300 GB of pictures and videos. We have 2 external hard drives (500 GB each) we got after Thanksiving for reasonable (around $80 and they may be even cheaper than 2-3 years ago). One is a backup and the other is a backup of the backup (sitting at Ben’s office in case *God forbid* something happens to our house). I am extra paranoid about it so we may have taken it a bit over board but I love our external hard drives.

    Now that I have written you a book, enjoy your weekend and Thanksgiving holiday. I miss you!

  4. Hahaha. I love that kid. So hilarious. You should have seen Grandma’s kitchen after he was done pulling everything out of the cabinets. Pans everywhere!!! Back up your pictures and entire computer on an external hard-drive. They are sorta expensive (75ish) However, they have a lot of space and it is totally worth it.

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