What a week!

This past week has been good, bad and interesting all wrapped into one. Unfortunately there was little to no time for blogging. But I am back and hopefully you won’t mind a random {at best} post. Sometimes you just gotta get it all out and then the creative juices can start flowin’ again. 🙂

–last Monday my boss was in a horrible accident on the way to work. By horrible, I mean life changing in the worst way possible. He is paralyzed {right now} from mid-chest down. He has no movement in his arms {except a little in his thumb yesterday!!!!!}. Truthfully, I am very sad about it. I wasn’t incredibly close to him but he is a nice guy. He has 3 young kids and a wife. He loves to hike, bike, and be outdoors. Thankfully, he has a resilitent spirit and I know if someone can make the best out of something horrible, he can. If you think of it, please pray for his complete healing, for strength and most of all joy.

–Then one of my close family members went to the emergency room the very next day. I left work early to be of help and so far everything looks normal. Hopefully it was just stress and not something more worrisome. I love being able to be of help in those situations since I do know so much about the medical world. And I am so thankful that nothing appears to be seriously wrong.

–I have a cold. YUCK! It’s one of those body-aching, snot-blowing, throat-itching ones. I stayed home from church yesterday to hopefully get better quickly {plus I work in the nursery and those babies don’t need my germs}. Today I woke up feeling worse. I guess the nap didn’t work but on the bright side, I did get to see the Bronco’s win.

–We had a *free* photo session offered to us about a month ago from a person I know from work. His wife is starting her own photography business and wanted some practice. Even though we recently had some pictures taken, I was still pretty excited. I haven’t even gotten them all yet but I saw these two teasers on FB this weekend and love them. I probably won’t share any more until we send our Christmas cards out this year so that the pics will be a surprise.

She edited this picture to make my skin seem so flawless. 😉

Pretty much my FAVORITE picture of Elijah right now. He had just ate it {and didn’t even cry}. He is such a tough little guy! And those little pursed lips of his with his steel blue eyes. Oh he is a cute one!

–On Saturday David’s grandpa had major surgery on his back. Thankfully, he woke up feeling the best he has in years and so far is doing wonderfully.

–I sold my Kindle on Craigslist. After having my Kindle for over a year I wasn’t really loving it. I think I am just one of those people who prefers a paper book to a computer-ish screen. I kind of miss playing games on it but I am getting a new toy {a late b-day present that hopefully gets delivered today} that I can play games on. Anyone care to guess?

–The best thing about last week was celebrating my mom’s birthday on 11-11-11. She is a saint and bought our entire family tickets to the Lion King. I can honestly say that it was the best musical I have EVER seen. I am not going to lie, it may have had a little something to do with the company and the seats. We were so close! The music and the costumes were out of this world. Plus I love the movie {from when I was young}. If you ever have a chance to see it, don’t miss out.

–The only pictures I took last week were at the play. I wanted to practice shooting indoors with low light. Some of the pictures were a little blurry but I am proud of myself for trying 🙂

My cute nieces and nephews…minus Elijah. I can’t believe the two oldest are 17 and 16 already!

This one was a little blurry. My new motto: black and white covers a multitude of bad photography mistakes. 🙂 

My sister, my mom and me {or should I say I?}

My mom with her grandkids {minus E}. They love her!

I took this photo illegally just to show how close we were-it was awesome.

Happy 50th {+a few more} Birthday Mom!

Celebrating you was definitely the highlight of last week.

Since I have been a little MIA in blog-land I would love to hear the high and low of each of your weeks. Please do share!


4 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. I will definitely keep your boss in my prayers. It is unbelievable how much life can change in an instant. Your whole reality is shifted to a new one.

    I love the pic with your little boy clapping, it is so precious. I prefer real books too. Technology is not my strong suit at all.

  2. Can’t believe how big your nieces and nephews have gotten. WOW. And I’m so sorry to hear about your boss. Such a scary trauma to have to endure, I’m sure. I will be keeping him in my prayers!

    As for me–I’ve gotten a little sick, but I knew it was coming, as I’ve been going a mile a minute ever since I started the job. Feels right that my body should finally put up a fight. Trying my best to relax and count my blessings!


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