*R* is for Rock Creek Farm

disclaimer: Naturally “R” does not come after “D” in the alphabet but we decided to skip around a little for our Go. See. Do. project. We have some “E” and “F” adventures that we want to do but we probably won’t be able to until next summer (because of the snow) so we just changed the rules so we can keep going through the winter. 


FInding the perfect pumpkin can be challenging, especially almost a week before Halloween. But Elijah did a great job! 

We  went to Rock Creek Farm in Broomfield, CO and the views alone make it worth the drive. The mountains are the perfect back drop for pumpkin picking. We choose this pumpkin patch out of all the other ones in Colorado for a couple reasons:

  • Free Admission
  • Pumpkins that were all the same price ($7 for one, $12 for two, etc) so we didn’t have to worry about which field we were in.
  • Other free activites (petting zoo and bouncy house)
  • Free parking

Basically we didn’t want to pay a lot just to go look at pumpkins and enjoy the afternoon. Some pumpkin patches charge $24 for two adult admissions. I am sure that they have a wider range of activities but with Elijah being so young, it wasn’t worth it to us.

We were very pleased with our decision and with how organized the Farm was. There were a TON of people there but it didn’t feel like it. We were able to drive to any of the pumpkin patches and parking was very simple. Once we found our pumpkin, we headed to the activities area. They had lots of animals to look at (pigs, goats, sheep, cows and turkeys), fun photo opportunities and some yummy food.All in all we spent $16 for one pumpkin, a slice of pumpkin bread, a caramel apple and a bottle of water. Plus we had a great time. 

The best self timer picture we could get with the camera sitting on a pumpkin 🙂

6 thoughts on “*R* is for Rock Creek Farm

  1. I love that last, self-timed photo of you guys! And the third photo down of Elijah sitting in front of the sign, sooo adorable.. He’s gettin’ so big. And you are looking gorgeous, Ali. WOW. Maybe the makeover we all need is simply to become a good mother!

  2. Cute family!!!! I LOVE self times pictures. I really do. We are planning on going to a patch this weekend now that we all have boots – Q wanted a theme. 😉 I’m hoping it isn’t completely picked over!

  3. Your family is gorgeous. I can barely get a good pic of my kids when I am taking it so a self-timed photo would never work. They love sabotaging my efforts, it’s their job.

  4. Rock Creek is our favorite!! We go there every year. Now, you know, you might have even gotten dinner if you would’ve called us 🙂

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