Emotional scarring {x2}

So…last night I almost burnt our house down.

Sounds dramatic I know, but it’s a true story.

God bless the man who invented smoke detectors because I wouldn’t have known something was wrong if it weren’t for them. I had come home from a day of running errands {with the little man} and needed to start dinner asap. I plopped E in the high chair, gave him a rice cake {for a snack} and started a pot of boiling water. Then I pulled some salmon out of the freezer and poured a little oil** in a pan.

While waiting for the water to boil, I decided to run upstairs and check my email. I was up there for just a bit when the alarm went off. I honestly thought that they were only being sensitive to the heat from the boiling water. They go off all the time when I open the oven. Nevertheless, the sound is annoying enough that I didn’t ignore it.

Once I got to the kitchen, I saw the flames coming out of the pan where I had poured the oil. They must have been two feet high. Thankfully, Elijah was nowhere near the stove and seemed oblivious to it all. I ran and grabbed our fire extinguisher; and for the life of me, could not figure out how to make it work. Then I decided to do the obvious and move the pan off the burner. I am a genius aren’t I? Hey at least I didn’t throw water on the pan, right?

The fire died once I moved the pan and all was well. Except for the black cloud of smoke that enveloped our house. My throat and lungs started to burn and it was hard for me to breathe so I hurried Elijah out to the backyard and then covered my mouth as I went room to room, opening windows and turning on fans.

About an hour later David got home; and being the good husband that he is, mandated that we go out to dinner at Chick-fil-A. I didn’t complain. Chick-fil-A is delicious and Elijah loves it too.

But emotionally scarring my child once is not enough. I had to introduce him to the Chick-fil-A cow… bad idea, friends, BAD IDEA. He completely panicked–screaming, red face, flailing arms and big tears. Poor thing must have thought that I was going to let the cow eat him for dinner.

Needless to say, I don’t think we will be visiting Santa at the mall this year and I won’t be checking any more emails while cooking. Lessons learned.

 **And to my own defense, I must tell you all that I have no recollection of turning on the burner under the pan with the oil. I know I did but I don’t remember doing it because I wasn’t even ready to cook the Salmon. The sad part is I don’t even have something like pregnancy to blame.


2 thoughts on “Emotional scarring {x2}

  1. Don’t worry Ali, you are not the only Farmer who has almost burnt down the house!! Lori has too!!!! She was cooking something in the toaster oven at dad’s and it started to smoke. She opened the door and flames came rushing out, and up the curtain about 2 feet high. She just stands there and screams. I hurry…unplug the thing and take the hose from the sink and hose everything down. Oh man!!! It’s a good thing that David didn’t see that…..his worst nightmare coming true. 😉

  2. I’m glad Husby brought home supper! And don’t you just love how forgiving kids are! Love it! Sorry about the smoke though AND for the fright you had! Musta been scary with little guy!

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