Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Because I have too much to blog about…

Because I have a million other things I need to do…

Because my house is a mess, my son just woke up from his nap and I ate too much frozen yogurt…

I will share a miracle with you all.

A miracle that happened in the washing machine, nonetheless.

You don’t see it?

Let me explain.

I have had the above couch (and love seat that is not pictured} for about 6 years. They were even pre-David.  Over the years they have worn well and not had many stains to speak of. Even if I did spill a little something on them , it was no big deal because they are microfiber. I even had them professionally cleaned {and spent $99} the month before Elijah was born, a symptom of fervent nesting I presume. 🙂

{Enter Elijah}

In some circles, it is assumed that if he likes you then he pukes on you. Let’s just say, he likes A LOT of people. And he LOVES the couch. Catch my drift? He also likes to put his sticky hands, fingers, and mouth all over them.

I have done a TON of spot cleaning to try to get those ucky stains out. I even tried my mom’s steam cleaner. NOTHING {even another $99 professional cleaning} worked.

Recently I read about IKEA’s couches that all have zippered cushions  to make them washable. That got me thinking and I noticed that my couch had the same thing {even though it’s from American Furniture Warehouse here in CO}. I did a little {Google} research, said a prayer and threw my cushion covers in the wash.

The miracle was it totally worked! The couches have never looked this good since I bought them and I will never pay another $99 for a professional cleaning.

For those of you with the same problem and same type of couch, all I did was put them on the hand wash cycle {cold water}in my washing machine with a little bit of detergent. Then I gave the covers an extra spin to remove any additional water before putting them in the dryer on extra low for 30 minutes.

It really was THAT easy!

Anyone else have any cleaning tricks to share? Perhaps someone knows how keep my appliances from getting finger prints on them. Now THAT would be a miracle too!


3 thoughts on “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

  1. You know your couch looked awesome when I saw it. I’m sure it looks spectacular now and I WILL be using this tip since our couch has NEVER been professionally cleaned and Gooner is 2 – that’s a lot of spit and dirty fingers.

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