Wedding Week: The Reception

Thankfully the venue where we had our wedding is also where we had our reception.


It was so easy to coordinate all the details and timing of events–I wasn’t the least bit stressed about anything the entire day.  It also took a lot of the pressure off us while we took some photos after the ceremony. We only had to walk to dinner.

Once we arrived, we had our first dance. It was magical (click here to hear our song).

Then it was time to eat. I loved the food but for the life of me I cannot remember what we ate besides artichoke chicken {I think?!}.

Oh and my colors were light pink, ivory and black in case you hadn’t noticed. 🙂

After the toasts {with Mtn. Dew–our favorite soda at the time},

it was CAKE TIME!!!!

The lady who made our cake did an AWESOME job. It looked exactly like the picture I gave her. We chose marbled chocolate with raspberry filling. And I am pretty sure we ate the top before our first year anniversary because we loved it so much–just call us rebels!

We were so busy dancing and having fun that we almost forgot to make it official:

Then my BFF Jamie caught the bouquet and we had one last dance before …

we were off on our honeymoon {in a Limo that I surprised David with!}.

It was the perfect day! 🙂


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