Wedding Week: The Ceremony

The ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the entire day! David and I really took to heart that we were entering into covenant with one another and God.

All the music playing before it begun was an assortment of our favorite worship songs and I still love to listen to them. But the song I actually walked down the aisle to was actually must less godly. 🙂 I even stole it from my BFF {thanks jam} because it was perfect.

As I walked down the aisle I felt completely calm and tried to only look at David. I wanted to drink in the entire moment and see his reaction. It was perfect.

You may wonder why I was walking solo. Well, as most of you know, my dad died when I was 11. I could have chosen to have another family member to walk me but at the time it seemed like the best decision. I wish with all my heart that my dad had been there.

Once my mom gave me away, we listened to a inspiring sermon {is that what you call it} from Evan Martin {David’s mentor and our college pastor}.

Then we decided to take communion as two of David’s cousins sang one of my all time favorite songs–In Christ Alone. During this time David and I prayed with one another and worshiped. Definitely one of my favorite moments:

Then we exchanged vows and our rings. I loved standing in front of God, our family and friends declaring our love and commitment to one another.

Would you believe that we practiced our wedding kiss for weeks? If you know me well then that probably does not surprise you. I wanted it to be effortless and tongueless, ha! I knew there would be a picture and I didn’t want it to look awkward. You be the judge:

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Week: The Ceremony

  1. Ali- I love what you’re sharing this week! It’s so beautiful. One of our favorite songs is “Feels Like Home” {Phil gave it to me when we were dating}. We haven’t heard it in awhile and it was lovely to hear it this morning.

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you have another wonderful 5 years and many many more! Enjoy celebrating. And thanks for posting your beautiful memories.

  2. I remember tearing up when you walked down the aisle with that beautiful song playing in the background. Such a tender moment. And it was so obvious David was just THRILLED to see you walk towards him. 🙂

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