Now that’s a long time, right?

This is the week of our

*5 year*

wedding anniversary!!!

It’s hard to believe that our blessed wedding was actually that long ago. I know 5 years is just a drop in the bucket compared to marriages that last 55 years; but right now, I feel as if it is a pretty important milestone. When you reach 5 years does that mean you are no longer a newlywed? Darn!

So much has happened to our lives since then that I would not have expected–mostly good things. We still love each other deeply and like each other A LOT! I am glad that we have weathered a few challenges and many joyous occasions. Marrying David is a choice I have never regretted.

So in true copycat form, I have decided to do a week of wedding posts. I will call it a cyber-walk down memory lane. Join me if you wish…

(idea copied from two blogs I love: here & here

2 thoughts on “Now that’s a long time, right?

  1. Since I wasn’t at your wedding I WELCOME a week of weddings. 🙂 And you got married on my birthday so I feel that it is extra special. I was told that after your 2 year wedding anniversary you are no longer considered a “newlywed.” Apparently if you’ve made it past two years you have the longevity to counsel other married. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Congrats! I love that idea.

    Oh yeah, that’s awesome that you are able to run 2 miles with a kiddo and even more without! I struggle to just walk that much lol :P.

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