It’s hard right now

Disclaimer: I have a great life and I know it–too many undeserved blessings to count. But I still have hard days and today is one of them. 

Elijah is a wonderful little boy but in the area of discipline, I am being thrown for a loop. I know, like any hard stage, it will pass; but in the middle of it, I am struggling. Just like I once was struggling with getting him to sleep. And like I will one day struggle when he is a teenager, oh my! After last night, I never, ever want to go out to a sit-down dinner with him. Sound extreme? It is. It is just difficult to keep him entertained and I feel like we are ruining the entire evening for all the other people in the restaurant when the screaming begins.

I am also lonely. Lonely for some good girlfriends up here in Denver. I shouldn’t really complain because I have lots of wonderful family, a sweet mom, a loving hubby, kind co-workers and a great BFF. But I am still longing for  deeper Godly friendships near my home. I long for women in the same stage in life, to walk though life with. We can watch each other’s kids. Our husbands get along AND have things in common. We can go grocery shopping together.  You know, do friend stuff. 🙂  And right now I would just take one, deep friendship.

I also wish I didn’t get so paralyzed when the plans for my day are cancelled. It is so hard for me to rebound. I was supposed to have a play-date today and when it was cancelled, I still have yet to decide what to do today. I can’t decide if I should head to the park, the grocery store (No!!!!!!), get some new running shoes, write a blog, clean, go for a walk, etc. It really is silly but true.

Thursdays are notably hard at times because David is always gone from the break of dawn until 9 pm. I don’t know how you mom’s do it with husband’s that always travel.

Ok I am starting to feel just a little better from getting it out. I think when Elijah gets up we will head to the park and hopefully meet my new BFF! {I kid.}

Thanks for listening and know I am here if you ever need to vent too. 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s hard right now

  1. Aww, I wish we lived near you! I feel the SAME way!!! I’ve met some sweet ladies but no bffs nearby. It’s definitely rough on long days, I hear you. Hang in there! 🙂 Sending hugs from Texas. Also, we go to restaurants that are loud and recently we found one so loud that the kid next to us could scream louder than Mirabel haha! I felt so good to hear it!!! 🙂

    This is going to sound terrible. I swore I’d never give my kid sugar…but the other day I was alone b/c Jose was out of town and I needed to grocery shop. So I got these “organic” lollipops and Mirabel sat in the cart for a whole hour just licking it! She didn’t get down to the last bit, there was a lot left, but at least we didn’t starve :P.

  2. I can completely relate!! I wish we lived closer too…I long for deep friendship the same way. I have a few moms I can call for playdates, but just like you I desire doing “friend” things! I wish we could go to target together right now! 🙂 I hope the rest of your day gets better. I had a HARD day yesterday, so I know how you feel!!

  3. My Dearest Ali,
    First of all I hear your pain and frustration. You are not alone.
    You are a wonderful mother.
    You did not ruin anyone’s evening. E is on a schedule, and his routine got thrown off abit and he struggled. No worries. It happens. I would always make sure I took some toys, a sippy cup or bottle which ever you are using, finger food that he likes, and be mindful of time in a restaurant. The more he goes to restaurants the better he will be.
    You and David and wonderful parents.
    As for someone to hang out with, I would recommend a woman’s bible study if you can, time with your friends here and time with your friends in the Spgs.
    I assure you, you are doing a wonderful job as a mommy. Hang in there, and I am here if you ever need me. All my Love Donna your MIL

  4. I am the same way when my schedule gets off and things don’t go as they were suppose too. I’m awful at rebouding, I’m also bad with trying to pack too much into a day. Eating out with a youngin’ it doesn’t seem to matter how many toys i bring, snacks for him to snack on we usually always make a scene and I get the dirtiest looks from fellow diners. We don’t let it stop us though, Ian has to learn to behave in public and the only way for that to happen is to expose him. So don’t let one or two or even three experiences get you down just keep going. Girly friends…I get it too. Last year someone who I meant through a mutual friend at a Bachelor viewing posted on facebook about wanting to start a book club and I knew I wanted in. Not just for exposure to new books but for the friendships I was looking to create. There are 10 of us and I knew 2 of them fairly well. We have cried, laughed talked about sex, shared embrassing
    stories and prayed together. We’re kinda a twisted group but nonetheless I have developed friendship that are growing each and every month. I pray that you find what you are looking for and you will be patient!

  5. Alright I totally quoted your words last night as we were out to dinner with our wee one and he so kindly put on a production and our parenting skills got to put on display…gonna try again today at lunch time as we are out of town and we must eat.

  6. Your play date was cancelled??? You should have come over. Mondays Q is gone from sunup to about 10 or 11 pm. It’s a looooooooooooooong day. Should you EVER EVER EVER be board on a Monday…send me a chat! For reals. Or just drop in. Maybe we will end up being Fab friends again???

  7. I so wish I were up in Colorado again, just so I could be closer to you, David and E, Ali. To be honest, I don’t have a great desire to visit Monument, but I DO have the greatest of desires to be able to sit and have one of our old-fashioned talks. Tearing up just thinking about it. You, me and E would go out–and I would laugh at his incessant screaming, and tell you the stories about my little brothers and sisters at that age, how they acted in public (and thatwe just ended up putting muzzles on ’em and chaining ’em to their high chairs). 🙂

    We’d take a long walk, and I’d tell you that you make such a great mother and not to worry about Elijah–he’s gonna grow up into an amazing man (with a deep voice–and not a shrill one).

    Missing you, dearest friend! And praying that your desire for a good friend in close proximity to you would be answered–that someone will come into your life and be able to be there, walk alongside of you in this whole new, beautiful stage of life you find yourself in.

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