On Monday afternoon Elijah started being a little bit more wobbly than normal. I know that seems silly to say since he is only 13 months old but he is a pretty steady walker . He also looked a bit rough when he woke up from his afternoon nap that day–puffy eyes, dark circles, and he still seemed exhausted. I chalked it up to the fun that we had that morning playing outside in the pool.

The next day my mother-in-law was graciously watching him while I went to work. That morning I noticed that he had developed a slight rash on his head but thought it might just be some sensitivity to the sun. I didn’t mention anything to her and went off to work.

When I came home that night, David casually mentioned to me that my MIL had noticed how wobbly Elijah was and that his rash had moved from just his head to all over his body. It is also important to mention that he had been having a bit of diarrhea for the past couple days. Thankfully he was still eating and drinking like a champ and had no fever. But the unsteadiness of his gait really started to worry me.

Being a nurse allows me to envision the worst possible diagnosis and my mind went right there. I called my mom and a couple nurse friends and asked them what they thought I should do. Of course his pediatrician’s office was closed so I couldn’t ask them. After talking it out with a couple people and the on-call nurse at Children’s Hospital, it was recommended that we head to the emergency room.

I was starting to get a bit scared at this point. I thought it may be a virus but the way he was walking threw me for a loop. And by then I already had him diagnosed with brain cancer–silly but true. I am a nurse but I am a mom first and it is really, really hard to keep a level head when it is your sweet boy who is mysteriously sick.

We didn’t have to wait long and thankfully the doctor relieved all my crazy cancer fears. She said that it appeared like he had just gotten enterovirus, which is common in the summer months. Yesterday we called our pediatrician and they were also helpful. Elijah’s rash is now gone and he seems a little better but he is still quite wobbly at times. If it isn’t better by Monday we will be heading back to the Dr.

And just for fun, David decided that we should name the nasty virus that caused all this trouble and we settled on…Pete. 

Now when we tickle Elijah we say, “Watch out, Pete is attacking you again!!!! Ahhhhhhhh.”

Try it next time you are sick…it definitely lightens the mood. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Pete

  1. It is SO SCARY when it is YOUR kid that is ill! It’s so hard to know WHEN to take them to the dr. You don’t want to waste anybodies time if it’s “nothing.” I’m glad he’s on the mend! Keep us posted on his 100% recovery!

  2. Poor little guy. I’ve never heard of that virus, but I’m glad you shared the info/your experience because I’m pretty sure I would’ve freaked too!

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