A brush with death

Turbo had one yesterday.

It was a normal meal time setting in our home. Which means that only about 75% of the food that I put in Elijah’s mouth actually makes it to his tummy. The other 25% is either thrown or spit down below to Turbo who waits expectantly for his “treats.” Its a beautiful relationship that those two have.

Elijah and I were taking turns eating some watermelon; and being the loving dog-mom that I am, I decided to share some with the white fluff ball. He loves fruit almost as much as he loves carrots. I gave Turbo a piece and he swallowed it right up.

Then he started to gag and fell hard on his chest two times. It was as if he was trying to do the heimlich on himself.

He was initially alright but did seem a little sluggish.

Then the gagging began.

I went outside with Turbo to “help” but really did nothing. I just stood by and watched as Turbo labored to get the piece of watermelon out of his esophagus.

Finally, it came out after 10 minutes of hard labor {without pain medications 🙂 }. I felt so bad that I hugged him and told him that he could sit on my lap the remainder of the day. He did until  he jumped off my lap to devour a cracker that Elijah had dropped on the floor.

However this time he didn’t swallow it whole.


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