Realistically blinded

Do I justify grumbling & anxiety by calling them “being real” & “strategic thinking?” Prayers of thanksgiving & petition are a better solution.

The above statement is something that one of my old pastors {David Perkins} tweeted the other day.

Wow, does that sum up the way I used to think.

These past few months {really years} the Lord has been trying to get the root of complaining out of me. And as it is with my own backyard, I am still in the process of getting out all the weeds.

I use to relish in the fact that I was a “realist.” I would call anything like it was and it was always easier to see what was wrong with something. Whether it was friendships, my figure, my family, a movie, my life circumstance, my boyfriend or a TV show, I always seemed to be in critique mode.

Can you see why I wasn’t all that happy?

It sure took me a loooooong time to realize that the problem wasn’t with the world but with me. Thankfully the Lord placed my husband in my life.

David is one of those people who find it easy to think positive. His default is to see the good side of people, life, circumstances, etc.

If you are thinking that our difference in thinking caused a bit of a clash at times, you would be correct. I often bucked his way of thinking, justifying my own grumbling and anxiety by saying that I was looking at reality and being prepared while he was sugar coating everything. Whoops!

It took me a few years to realize my shortcoming. And truthfully, he taught it to me not by telling me that I was negative or that I needed to change but by showing me grace. Whenever I was hateful or mean, he would look at the positive side of me. He would only focus on that. He would quickly forgive without me having to “analyze” how I needed to change in the future.

As we walked through life together, I started to realize that his way of looking at things was not ignorance but instead much more Godly than the way I had been living life.

God calls us to trust when trusting doesn’t make sense.

He calls us to have faith when we have never seen His face.

He calls us to see the good when it is easier to see the bad.

Now I am still learning {ones default setting is a bit hard to change} but I know that what my old pastor wrote is worthy of an Amen:

Prayers of thanksgiving and petition ARE a better solution. 


3 thoughts on “Realistically blinded

  1. I have to tell you Ali, this message came at a most timely manner this morning.
    I have been spending wasted time complaining and being critical of where I live, when I need to turn that around and rejoice in the Lord for a home that is safe and nice, and my dad who is always there,
    Your Papa Dean always taught me to look at life with the glass half full, and to always look at the positive side of things.
    Believe it or not, you are an amazing woman Ali. You are always so kind, and you speak words of encouragement and hope to people all the time. I would have to say, God is doing a wonderful job in you. You are amazing and I love you Your Mother in Law Donna

  2. Oh my goodness! I am laughing right now because my husband and I are the same way! I married him because he was so laid back and always positive. Seriously, he is so optimistic! Sometimes it does irk me and cause some tiffs between us too, but I really admire how he is. I love that quote that you shared. It really stopped me in my tracks. I’m also trying to be more positive by actually vocalizing things that are good instead of just thinking about them; I also notice that it’s so much easier to go down a spiral if I just keep a negative thought to myself. I’m sure I could go into a psychoanalysis of this behavior :P, but I realize that would just be my way of limiting God. He can work on anyone’s heart!

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