As promised.

It’s time for me to show the obligatory vacation photos here on the blog. If that bores you, I will try to put a few other posts in between but I am not promising much. Come back in a week and hopefully I will be back on schedule, i.e posting lots of Elijah pictures. 🙂

*Our Anniversary Date* {all numbers photographed while in Alaska}

 As many of you know, we went to Alaska to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, albiet a little early. The deal and the free childcare were too good to pass up!

People often ask me what the highlight of the trip was…

I always say sleep because lets face it, before this trip, I hadn’t  slept like a normal person in over a year.

Other than the rest we got, we actually had lots of fun on our cruise even with a tight budget.

Here is a map of where we went to add a little perspective:

We left from and returned to Seattle

Our trip lasted 7 nights and 8 days. And to sum up our trip in one word {other than sleep}: Beautiful!

I love Colorado, for it’s mountainous beauty among other things, but it does not even scratch the surface of God’s creation.

Our last stop on the cruise was in Victoria, Canada. Let’s switch things up a bit talk about that place first, eh?


We got into Victoria around 6 p.m and walked around the city the whole time we were there. Walking is much cheaper than taking a cab and all the cities that we visited had wonderful things to see a short distance from the cruise ports. Plus we hoped to shed some of those wonderful cruise-food calories. 🙂

This was my first trip to Canada–cross another country off my list. 🙂

One of the highlights of this city was the floating houses that we happened upon while exploring the Fisherman’s Warf. The houses all seemed to be miniature in size but boasted around 900-1000 square feet (for around 400,000+). They were all unique in their decor and had really interesting front doors.

The architecture of the city was also fun to look at. The capitol building took my breath away!

While walking around downtown we found a old-fashioned soda shoppe. We ordered a Ruby Slipper {raspberry and peach soda with vanilla ice cream} before heading back to the ship. It was delicious!



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