Choose your sleeping spot carefully

Every summer, when I was younger, I had the pleasure of attending summer camp.

Being the planner that I was {and still am}, I would always beg my parents to take me as early as possible so I had the opportunity to pick the best bunk location. Did you know what some bunks are more popular than others? Not scientifically proven but very much true.

If the bed I picked wasn’t in the middle of all day-to-day action and far enough from the counselor, then there was a decreased possibility of making friends. It was also important to consider how notes may be passed during nap time and were the other girls would want to congregate. The top was great for being sneaky but the bottom had much better odds for having cabin gatherings. By my fourth or fifth year of camp, I had all of this down to an art based upon what cabin I would be assigned.

Choosing your bed could also have physically altering implications. I remember that something tragic happened to my bunkmate either my first or second year of camp. She slept on the top and I resided on the bottom. Mid-week, I suddenly awoke to a loud *bang!* followed by screaming and a river of tears. Said bunkmate had fallen off her bed during the night and landed on her face. I can still remember the sight and how her top lip had absorbed much of the impact. She had to be taken to the hospital for stitches and never returned. Needless to say from that point on, I wasn’t quick to pick the top bunk unless there was a bedrail to keep me safe.

Today Turbo learned a seemingly similar and hilarious lesson about sleeping locations. He tends to sleep more like a cat when I am home during the day–on the back of any couch or chair that he can jump on. I think he choses those locations to stay out of Elijah’ s reach. Again, not scientifically proven but very much true. I was reading my Bible this morning and I suddenly heard a loud thump behind the couch. Elijah was asleep upstairs and I wasn’t quite sure where Turbo was. As I peered over the side of the couch, I saw Turbo. He must have been sleeping up there, rolled a little bit too close to the edge and taken a bit of a fall. ha!

Thankfully he was a little more tough than my bunkmate and is now napping in the same location. It appears as if it takes my dog more than one sleepy fall to learn his lesson.


3 thoughts on “Choose your sleeping spot carefully

  1. That had to be the funniest story ever.:) I am still laughing. My dear you need to write a book.:)
    love you

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