I might die.

Friends, I just booked our first overnight sans baby.

Yes, I haven’t been away from my little guy more than 12 hours since his little soul popped in my uterus back in 2009 {please don’t judge}.

The occasion you ask? Well, August 2011 marks 5 years of wedded bliss with my beloved.

We just HAVE to celebrate!

Remember how achingly painful it was to wait for your wedding day to actually come?  The anticipation just about killed me.  I couldn’t help but wish that we had gotten married two months earlier after we had finally decided upon a date. Planning a wedding in 4 months wasn’t that bad so how difficult would it have been in 2 months? ha!

A few days ago if you had asked me what we were planning for our anniversary I would of said something like, “Oh probably a nice dinner and maybe we will stay at a hotel downtown.”

That was before we got the vacation deal that we just could not pass up!

Yes, today we decided to take the plunge and go on a real vacation–a cruise to Alaska! David has always wanted to go and we all know what a sucker I am for some beautiful mountains {heck yes!}. Truthfully, we were planning to keep saving for this dream vacation until 2012 but like I said, sometimes there is a deal that you just can’t let go by. Without getting into all the green details, lets just say it is more than half the price that we would pay next year for the same opportunity. Oh and we leave in less than a month {gasp!}…for 8 days {double gasp!}.

Now do you understand why you may be getting an invitation to my funeral?

The headline in the Alaskan newspaper shall read:

27 year old mother dies from sudden withdrawal after leaving 1 year old son in plight to be more spontaneous and rekindle that lovin’ feeling with her husband.

{I kid}

{Sort of.}


3 thoughts on “I might die.

  1. My Dear Ali,
    I promise you won’t die.:) This cruise is the opportunity of a life time and to have special time with your beloved,is the most wonderful thing.:) REkindling the loving relationship you two already have and spending quality time together is always a good thing
    I promise your son will be well taken care of.
    As a little girl I used to love going to spend time in the summer with my grandma’s.
    I think Elijah will be one busy boy this summer.:)
    Love you’

  2. You’re so funny :). I’d feel the same but honestly I think we all need a break every now and then! Marriages need this, too, especially after kiddos enter the picture. Do not feel guilty! Just think about it this way. By spending this quality time with David, you’ll both be better rested, happier parents and spouses! This means that little Elijah will be happier too :).

    Believe me, the grandparents have been in town this week and Mirabel loves them! I’m already trying to figure out when I’m going to wean/how I’m going to wean her so we can take a little vacation! 😀

  3. You’re gonna do great, Ali! So excited for you to have some alone time. Definitely the trip of a lifetime.

    Enjoy, friend!

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