It’s all about the view

Rarely are there many things is there anything in life that we can control. Stuff happens every day that I don’t like: Elijah wakes up too early. My hair doesn’t look the way I want it to. Traffic is horrible on my way to work. I forget my lunch. The patient’s I talk to on the phone are crazy. I have to pay over $3 for gas. Elijah screams when we are eating dinner. The lady at Wal-Mart accuses me of stealing. David and I have a misunderstanding. I have to fold laundry. I find a new zit. And on and on and on…

No matter what I seem to do, the days and weeks go on without missing one disappointing step. No day is ever perfect.

Then there are my own flaws that are added to the mix. I gossip. I don’t spend time in the Word. I snap at David. I get down. I want to be lazy. I compare myself and my life to others. I get negative.


Then I hear something.

I stop for a second and listen a little harder.

I can barely make it out above the endless chatter inside my mind.

Shhh…there it is again.

He is speaking, “Be still my child. Be still, gaze into my perfect love. Feast your eyes on me and think of me.” 

All of a sudden something gives–my heart shifts, my eyes refocus and I look upon my life.

Things are different now. 

When Elijah wakes up in the morning, I praise Him. “Thank you God that my son is alive and that I have a son!”

When I drive to work, I realize how lucky I am to have a safe, car. I am also lucky to have a wonderful, well-paying job.

When the patient’s at work complain and I feel drained, I accept that God has deemed me worthy of being used to encourage the sick.

When I fold laundry, I thank him that I am not spending my entire day outside, over a bucket trying to get one thing clean.

When I gossip for the millionth time, I accept His grace.

When I am short with my husband, I thank him for forgiveness.

You see, I am learning that everything in life is all about perspective. And that the one thing you can control is your response to different situations. When we choose to respond by looking to Him, He gives us the gift of a different view. Everything we experience has two sides–no matter what it is there is always a positive and negative to every choice and every event. And sometimes, I am too disappointed to choose the positive one myself. Thankfully, with even the littlest seed of faith, He will help

I have another example:

The other day I went to have a laser hair removal treatment. Because of my hormonal imbalance, I have some unwanted hair growth {read: hair on my face that shouldn’t be there. Hello, I am a girl!}. I was so excited to have this treatment. I felt like it was a gift from God. Even though something wasn’t sitting right in my spirit, I thought it was just guilt over spending the money to get the treatment.

When I got to the salon, I noticed on the paperwork that they asked if I had ever been diagnosed with PCOS {I have}. The woman kindly told me that this treatment will not work for people with PCOS because doing laser hair removal actually stimulates the growth of MORE hair.

I was devastated.

I wanted this treatment SO badly. And here was the stupid PCOS diagnosis messing up my plans again.

I called David crying and he was wonderfully empathetic.

As time has gone on, I realize that even though I am disappointed and angry at the PCOS, God still was actually blessing me. If I hadn’t known not to do the treatment, I would have actually made my face more hairy {OMG!}. Another positive was that living with this problem and having it affect my everyday life has actually made me much more empathetic to my patients. I have never known what it is like to have an illness; and while this is not something as life-altering as cancer or heart disease, it has taught me many valuable things.

I would love to take credit for being able to make the right choice and see the good in the situation but I can’t. God is the one who helps me. It took me a few days to hear His whisper and to submit my spirit. I now feel a lot better.

I wanted to share this lesson I am learning with you all. Next time you feel down, disappointed, hurt or experience frustration, stop and listen for His whisper. He is always there to help us see the better view.


6 thoughts on “It’s all about the view

  1. I have a poem that is titled. Be still and know God is God
    I will email it to you.
    I believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason, he calls upon us to be a light in others lives. You my dear Ali are a light, and you are a disciple of the Lord. God has a purpose for you, and god is using you during this season to enrich lives, give others hope, and to share Gods love and grace.
    Smile and know that you are blessing other people’s lives.
    I love you

  2. I am accepting God’s grace at this very moment through your post that says the exact things I’ve been thinking lately (well, except they are experienced through my own filter). Thank you for posting. You never know when an ordinary moment, like stumbling upon a blog, can be just the medicine needed. And you never know when YOU are going to be the one dispensing it! Blessings!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. The thing that keeps me going in the difficult times is His love. If only we listened more often, but sadly when things aren’t disappointing in our lives we fail to listen. The depth of His love for us truly does put everything in a new perspective. Thanks for this. It’s a really tough time for me just now and this reminder is one of His whispers to me.

  4. Be Still and Know
    In my life I have faced many struggles. I am human by nature. I have grown sin weary and overburdened. My hands have worked alone, in vain to build masterpieces that always fall short of perfection. In the midst of despair, I place my discouraged heart in the hands of the one who softly whispers. “Be still and know I am God.”
    I place my confidence in the one who faithfully works to do what is positively right for me. I rely on the perfect knowledge that keeps him from doing anything in my life that is not exactly what I need. He is the Lord or creation and yet he is committed to gently knocking at the door of my heart. I adore the God whose love is so pure that he sent his son to live a perfect life for me. His love is so holy that he sent his son to shed his blood on the cross for me. I treasure the God who will never stop forgiving me. My hope is in the one who knows the depths of my heart and still loves me passionately and watchfully. The one who softly whispers “Be still and know I am GOD.”

  5. What a great sincere post. Love your honesty.

    It’s funny you mention this now. I am HAIRY and I’m not sure if it’s the PCOS because I have a hairy family (lol TMI maybe?). But I have dark hair over my upper lip. I don’t like waxing because my skin bleeds because it’s sensitive. Awhile ago my husband pointed out the hair above my lip!!! He didn’t do it in a mean way and I knew he still loved me, but I was so embarrassed! I then thought I’d bleach it…but that just looks weird when you’ve got dark hair like me. I noticed it in the mirror the other day even more. Still not sure what I’m gonna do with this hair but I wanted to send over a big hug from a fellow hair-faced pcos-er.

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