It’s real.

I was sitting in my 1999 Blue Saturn.

It was sometime after eleven. I had just finished the night shift at the restaurant where I worked.

Fittingly, I was wearing black shoes, black socks, black pants and I had stains all over my white shirt.

It was raining outside and inside tears were streaming down my face.

For the first time in my life I understood the weight of my sin. I was trapped.

I knew God. I loved God. I believed.

I had chosen to follow Him when I was eleven.

But nothing I did. Nothing I tried could save me from an all consuming, habitual sin.


Nothing except the One who bore it all for me.

I cried out. I begged. I screamed.

I knew.

Only He could fix it. Only He could set me free.

And in that moment I knew why He did what He did.

I remember uttering the words “Jesus save me !” over and over and over again.

I needed Him to do what I could not.

And He did.

I had been a Christian for so much of my life. I knew I was going to Heaven. I knew that He was the Way, the Truth, the Life.

But until that dark night, my heart didn’t understand what it meant to have a Savior.

Today as I reflect on the miracle of the cross and the resurrection, I remember that moment. Had Jesus not been obedient for me and for you, the Devil may have won in my life and yours.

Thankfully though He is not still dead in the grave… He is RISEN!

He is there for us. He has done what we cannot. All He asks is that we come. That we pour out our hearts to Him. That we acknowledge His gift and partake.

Oh how precious it is to be called children of God!

Happy Easter Friends!


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