He’s 10 {months}!

Oh my sweet bug–you are in the double digits! Thankfully it is only in months and not in years or I may not be able to compose myself to write this post. 😉

You are so fun these days. You are crawling all over the place. Well, I call it crawling but it is really a mixture of rolling, scooting, army-crawling and the many other ways that you contort your small body. It is very cute though. You go all over the place but would really prefer to stand. All of this has led to a few bumps and bruises on your head but you are one tough guy!

You now know how to wave hello/goodbye, clap and grunt. {Yes, my boy is already grunting!?} You and daddy have the most fun grunting back and forth to one another–it is precious and very, very manly.

This past month you have really been a GREAT sleeper. Thank you sweet boy, thank you. You are also babbling up a storm.

Vavavav, bababab, dadada, and mamama are your favorites. The only thing I wish were different is your new love for spitting. Oh my, you can spit your food in my face with such skill. We are working on that but it just goes to show what a vibrant personality you have. You still love being around lots of people and only slightly cling to me when someone wants to love on you. You have won the hearts of your teachers at church and pretty much every lady that lays eyes on you with that sweet smile.

Some mom’s say how fast the moments of their child’s lives go and it is very true. With that knowledge I have tried to soak up every day with you, Elijah. I know the memories will never be like the actual moments but I treasure them all in my heart. And it does make you growing at little easier. Instead of feeling robbed or cheated, I feel fulfilled and ready to see what God has in store for each new day you live. You are one of God’s greatest gifts to me even though you truly belong to Him.


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