on being cultured

Everyone needs a little culture in their life right?

I tend to live a little more on the left-brained camp when it comes to creativity but I definitely do have my right-brained moments every few years months. 🙂

In college my most difficult class was not Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Statistics, or even Chemistry. No, I would say that Creative Arts and American Literature are the two vying for that distinction.

I love to read but interpreting poems and essays was not something that God gifted me with. My Creative Arts class often required me to interpret art and music as well and I was even more pitiful at that. However, the one thing that I did develop is a love appreciation for the theatre.

I can’t watch too many plays in a years time but I do enjoy seeing one every now and then.  My best friend loves musicals so thankfully I have someone who likes to go with me. One of my all time favorites would have to be Wicked–amazing, right?

Well this year I already have tickets for two musicals that I am very excited to see.

In September I am going with my best friend to see this:

How lucky am I!

And in November I get to see this with my entire family:

It’s my mom’s birthday on 11-11-2011 so we are celebrating by doing something really fun together. She paid for the tickets (such a huge blessing!) and we are all going to get dressed up. I have been wanting to see this show for awhile now.

Anyone else have an appreciation for theatre? Do you secretly love to frequent art museums? Or maybe you are love some good American Literature? I’d love to know what do you do for a little culture in your life?


3 thoughts on “on being cultured

  1. Yeah, I’m not so cultured either… Katy and I went to see the Nutcracker this winter and it will probably be awhile before I see anything else. It was great but creativity and the arts are really not my thing. 🙂

  2. Phantom of the Opera cannot be beat! I would see it over and over again. I’ve already seen it 3 or 4 times. Beauty and the Beast was also fantastic.

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