Operation find a car seat *yesterday*

We finally found a car seat for little man after my parental fail.

It isn’t the most expensive or even the one that most of my Facebook friends recommended.  Just call me a rebel. 😉

Of course my biggest help was Google. But it was very important for me to find a car seat that I could check out before purchasing. You know, I wanted to be able to get Elijah’s opinion: Smile = He loves it. Frown = No way.

Along with that criteria, I had a mental list of some of the things that I hoped to find  {not necessarily in order of importance}:

1.) Affordable–a high price doesn’t always mean that a seat is MORE safe and we are on a budget around these parts.

2.) Safe–I was looking for the seat to definitely meet and hopefully exceed all government safety standards.

3.) Easy and simple to install {which also includes being easy to transfer between our two cars}–I am not a fan of long directions.

4.) Small enough to fit comfortably in the middle, backseat in the rear-facing position–that is the safest place for E in the whole car and I  know it makes a difference.

5.) Recline–E loves to sleep in the car and lets face it, reclining is so much more comfortable than sitting straight up. Just think about an airplane seat…

6.) Positive customer reviews–I know not everyone will LOVE everything about a product but I was looking for a healthy number of positive reviews from people who had already bought it so that I could feel confident in my purchase.

After finding a couple potential seats online, E and I headed to a few stores.  I happened to run into a very resourceful mom and salesperson at Babies R’ Us who gave me some great input as well {Bonus!}. After trying some seats out and failing to finagle a 20% off coupon from anyone, I decided not to make a purchase even though I had finally decided which seat I was going to buy.

When I got home, I went to work on line trying to find it on sale.

Google came through for me again!

Here are the numbers:

Babies R’ Us: $216.19 {with tax}

Albe baby: $159.99  {free shipping and NO sales tax}

Total Savings: $66.20

You all know how I love a good deal!

I decided upon the Evenflo Symphony 65:

I know everyone now days seems to love Britax and they are great seats. But for what I was looking for {see above}, this is the seat that worked best for us.

And thankfully, I have not been disappointed. E loves it. It was SUPER easy to install and fits great in our car.

Anyone else find any great online deals lately? Or have any great tricks of their own to save some cash? I would love to hear ’em.


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