A Fun Weekend

This weekend my niece came to stay with us.

Elijah loves his cousin. Especially when she would sit in the back seat with him and make him giggle. The crazy thing is that I remember doing that very thing with her when she was a baby. Time flies!

We wanted to go to the Nuggets game on Friday but it didn’t work out. When we got there to buy tickets, there was only standing room left {at a basketball game?!?}. They were playing the Wizards so we thought we would definitely get in but apparently the Nuggets are doing WAY better than we realized and everyone {and their mother’s mother} were at that game.

So we went to Yogurtland instead. yum!

Sometimes I wonder how many calories are actually in a 10.5 oz bucket of yogurt but I never want to know. I enjoy living in denial about how healthy it is. 🙂

On Saturday we went out Letterboxing.  It is basically like Geocaching for people without a GPS.

You get the clues from the website and print it out to take it with you.

Once you find the location, you descretely try to find the letterbox.

Once you find it, there is usually a log book inside that you can stamp in.

Our stamp is “Mr. & Mrs.”

The one we found had stamps back to 2007. Then you put it back so someone else can come find it.

It was lots of fun and really nice to get outside.

We had some time before we headed to church so we decided to try the playground with Elijah again and he loved it

Trying to kiss mama

I love my happy boy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


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