Mission Impossible: a 70×70 table cloth

I never knew how difficult it would be to find a table cloth for my trendy square, raised kitchen table. Boy, if I had known, I may have reconsidered the purchase.

Initially I only used place mats when we were eating and dressed it up with a table runner from time to time. But I am starting to notice some wear and tear {with the addition of Elijah} and I would like to have the option to cover it when we have guests or when I don’t want to fight a losing battle with dirty fingers.

I went to Target one day and tried to wing it. Bad idea. I purchased 3 table cloths that didn’t fit at all. Apparently the square size is not standard and take it from me, you can’t make it work with a rectangle one either.

So I ended up measuring it and trying to find something online.

Well I had no luck on etsy, amazon or any of my other general go-to shops.

So I had to google it.

I found a few options that were OUTRAGEOUS!  $100+ for a simple table cloth. NO WAY.

Then I stumbled upon this website and ordered a dark brown one.

The total after shipping was only about $15 which is pretty close to the price I would pay at Target. Unfortunately it isn’t anything very original or cute but after only finding one other website with a 70 x 70 inch table cloth option under $50, I am not complaining.

Friends, it is times like these that I wish I knew how to sew.

I will let you know how it works out. But take it from me, be sure to consider all the obstacles you may face when buying a square kitchen table

Anyone else ever have this trouble? Or do you have your own story of buyers remorse? I would love to hear it.


13 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: a 70×70 table cloth

  1. So glad I stumbled upon your website. I have been looking for a square 70×70 tablecloth for 3 years! I told my hubby the same thing….that I had almost regretted buying this table just for that reason! Anyway thanks for sharing. I will be ordering one ASAP!

  2. I finally found two options, neither one is fabulous. Had I known the table would be such an issue to dress up, I probably wouldn’t have bought it either!!! BB&B has a microfiber one that isn’t bad. Online only, not carried in stores. Walmart also had one, it’ll be the every day one since I don’t love it. Still looking for a fall themed or Thanksgiving design and no luck!!! Glad I’m not the only one struggling with this, I may take this as the sign that I should learn to sew!

  3. Struggling with the same thing now that my table has been scratched during unpacking from our recent move…. I bought 60X84 for a 54″square table and will live with it for now…. but seriously, someone could make some money by manufacturing 70 x 70! AND while we’re soapboxing about the table… how about I had no idea how difficult it would be to get yourself “slid under” the table with counter height chairs….. If my husband wouldn’t have a cow, I’d buy a new, regular height. Next time I’ll know.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! I thought I lost my mind thinking I didn’t know how to search for a 70 in square table cloth!!! I bought a custom pad and paid a pretty penny but now no table cloth!!! Come on manufacturers get with the new table sizes!!!!

  5. Look for pretty patterned fabric shower curtains without grommets. I use them for my 60×60-inch square table

  6. Omg! YES! FINALLY someone else feels my pain. I have purchased round ones that are 90 inch from Bed Bath and Beyond and just flung them over. Yes its looks like crap as its not round and hangs more on the sides. However, its the best I can do. I hate my square table due to this. I will never buy another square table for this reason alone.

  7. I am going through this also. I found a couple on Amazon but am looking for Fall and Holiday styles and cannot find much and the ones I do find,I don’t really like. It blows my mind that they don’t make 70″ square table clothes. I, like most of you would not have got a square table if I had known I was going to have this problem finding table clothes!!!

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