A special gift

Today we are celebrating my niece’s 17th birthday!

Gosh, if my ten year reunion this year wasn’t going to make me feel old, this certainly will.

I got her a special little something that I hope she likes.

She is sort of difficult to buy for in that we have completely different styles and interests and she gives no suggestions as to what she may want.


If you want to know what to get me, just ask. I looooove getting what I ask for!

I’m the youngest in my family–makes sense doesn’t it? 🙂

Nevertheless, I finally decided to get my sweet baby grown-up niece something a little sentimental instead of trying to guess what kind of shirt she may like or if she would ever really listen to a Justin Bieber CD {certainly not!}.

Isn’t it pretty?

Its a sterling silver {because we all know I can’t afford white gold} starfish necklace.

And I attached this little note to explain the meaning behind it:

Why a starfish you ask?

According to legend, starfish are reflections of stars in the sky inhabiting the ocean floor. Symbolizing rebirth, starfish have a remarkable ability for regeneration. If a starfish is cut in half, two starfish will grow. They are also an illustration of equality and teamwork.

UPDATE: I had originally posted the letter here BUT after seeing Kayla open it and want to share the letter with NO ONE, I figured I should remove it from here. I will say that my niece is one who perseveres and that I will always be there for her. I tied those two things into the meaning of the necklace.

I usually like to find one of a kind gifts on etsy but I found this one MUCH cheaper on Amazon {plus it came in a little light blue box which is always fun}.

I will let you know how she likes it. 🙂

UPDATE: She LOVED it. And it looks beautiful on her!



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