Remembering what He has done

About a year ago I embarked on a journey of faith that was pretty stretching to me.

I have been a Christ-follower since I was 11 years old and if I stop to think, I can recount many times that I have had to step out of my comfort zone and choose to put my trust in the Lord.  But somehow each time I reach another challenge in my life,  I still must rely on God to give me a double portion of courage and grace so that I can actually let go of what I see best and trust Him.

I think us humans are funny like that.

Now that I am at a place to look back over the events that took place last year, I cannot imagine what my life would be if I had NOT trusted Him but during that season

But at the time, I was terrified. I was 6 months pregnant, I carried our health insurance, we were pretty much dependent on my income to make it {as David was in the midst of building his ministry in Denver} and I had not a job interview in sight {I had been applying for 2 months}. I  grew up in a family where the mantra “you never quit a job before you have another job” was rightfully embraced. I also have a profession that teaches me the importance of carrying health insurance at all times.  And all I had to do was look at the economy to see it wasn’t wise to quit my job.

But I knew God had told me to do it.  So after much wrestling with Him in prayer and wandering through a season of disobedience, I finally obeyed. I jumped–I quit my stable, well-paying job without a plan and without it making sense because I knew that God had told me to do it.

And friends I must tell you that everytime I have let go, He has caught me and never allowed me to be clothed with shame. This time was no different.

The short of the story is that He provided me with 4 job offers within a month which is even more noteworthy since I was sporting a noticeable baby bump. He kept David and I healthy the entire time. He restored my soul from the wounds that I experienced at my last job and allowed me to forgive. He gave me a job that I did not directly apply for but that was my hearts desire {part-time, no holidays, no weekends and great people to work with}. He gave me health insurance 2 weeks after I started and I still was able to have maternity leave. I even got to have a midwife for Elijah’s birth {also one of my hearts desires}. And to top it off, David’s ministry began to flourish and we collectively make the same amount of money that I did before I left my old job.   And, the best part is that He freed me from oppression at my other job.

Don’t let anyone tell you that God is not faithful. He ALWAYS is.

If He is or ever has been telling you to jump and to trust Him, do it. He will not disappoint. He will give you the extra portion of grace and courage. He will do more than you could ever ask or imagine. He knows your heart’s desires and they are safe with Him. When fear pounds at your door, go to your knees and ask for peace. He will stand beside you and He will give you strength. It won’t always be pretty. It won’t always work out how you see it. But it will be good, you will be alright and you will experience life to the full.

And lastly, let me share of the main lessons I learned from this experience:

Sometimes the world tells you that it isn’t wise to do ‘x’ or ‘y’ because it doesn’t make sense. But if you look back over scriptures you can see that every single story where God did something great, it went against what the world said was wise. I no longer judge what I think God is telling me by if it makes sense. Because God is bigger than me. His understanding is greater than I can fathom and the best thing I can do is be still and trust my God.


4 thoughts on “Remembering what He has done

  1. These words were so encouraging to me, Ali. Thank you so much for writing them down and putting them out there for all of us to see. Yet another reason why I admire you!


  2. Ali,
    You are such a faith warrior and I am encouraged by your testimony. I love to read your blog and I agree with you that God is always faithful. You are an inspiration and I truly love the person that you are. I am so proud to be your sister in Christ.

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