a random bouquet of words

On Feb 14th, Elijah and I woke up to a living room filled with fun balloons.

It was his first time seeing them.


This kiddo LOVES bath time and is pretty much outgrowing his tub as we speak. I know he could sit on his own in a ‘real’ tub but I feel safer with him in this one and it is fun to take pictures of him squirming around. I have a really funny one with him on his tummy but his bottom is a little too exposed for me to post it on here.;)


Today we went to the playground by our house for the first time. I had grand plans of taking pictures of Elijah on the baby swings but he would have none of it. I think his booty needs to grow a little more before he can sit comfortably in those.

This was pretty much his face the entire time we were there:

But to his defense, it was nap time and a bit chilly out. And I was wearing a hat. It seems that when I put a hat on he forgets all of the sacrifices I made for those loooong 9 months that I am his mom and starres at me blankly.

As I type this, I just thought he may be trying to tell me that the hat doesn’t look so good. hmmm. Wish I had a picture to let you guys weigh in.

Back to the playground…

If he wasn’t starring at me, he was trying to eat the bark.  A few times he got a couple germ-free, sterile pieces in his mouth. gah!

Here is the only picture I got where he almost smiled:

I love the little pieces of bark hanging off his socks.

After snapping the picture above, I turned around to see my dog acting like a horse:

Turbo decided to pull the jogger across the concrete to try to get closer to us. I have always wanted a horse but not necessarily one that weighs less than me.


Anyone in need of a good laugh this morning?

Too bad you don’t live close by because I am pretty sure that I made a few people chuckle today as I ran with the jogger and Turbo to the park and back. Some people think you have to have a big dog to have a running partner.

You don’t. But he really only lasts for a mile or so.

And I am embarrassed to report that Turbo was less tired than me and he has some short stubby legs.

I can’t even remember the last time I went running.

I really need there to be about 2 more hours in every day.

But I would probably just end up using them for sleep.


5 thoughts on “a random bouquet of words

  1. Aha! This totally made me smile, Ali (and I have not been having a smile-y kind of day, if ya know what I mean).

    Give Elijah a kiss from his fairy godmother, and tell him he’s the most beautiful kid in the world for me!



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