Go. See. Do. {the beginning}

David and I have both lived in Colorado our entire lives.

We love it!

But sometimes when you get accustomed to living somewhere you don’t take full advantage of all that place has to offer. And we know that we are missing out on some of the best of Colorado. So, I got this great idea from a blog that I read. Elizabeth {who has no idea who I am} and her husband David {great name, ha!} started their own Go. See. Do. project last year.  I thought it was a wonderfully creative idea so I am going to replicate it here.

Our rules are a little different than theirs but the premise is the same.  When we plan our ‘intentional’ date nights/days {other than grabbing a quick bite to eat or heading to Yogurtland} we are going to do something {starting from A to Z} that one of us has never done before. I will post on the blog about what we do and hopefully it will also highlight some of the best that Colorado has to offer. But more importantly, it will help David and I to keep things fresh and fun in our marriage.

Tomorrow is our first planned date and I can’t wait to go.

Check back later this week for our date that starts with A…


5 thoughts on “Go. See. Do. {the beginning}

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  3. Let’s see, I think Grandma begged for a play date with grandson knowing that her dear son and daughter in law needed a date day all to themselves.:)
    I didn’t see B so here is a thought, Black Canyon, might be a little far. basketball game, baseball game, Berthoud, a Blues concert,Bonnie Reservoir, Between Burlington and Ray, Bocchi Ball, Baskin Robbins, a bakery. That’s all I can think of.:)

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