Little boy in need of more antibodies

It happened.

Elijah got sick.

One or two things may have caused it:

1.) I was sick last Friday, stayed home from work and kissed my boy a little too much.

But how could I resist hanging out with him all day? We had to play airplane. We had to practice blowing raspberries. We had to snuggle.  All the other times I have gotten sick, he never caught a single sniffle. Not this time folks, not. this. time.  😦

2.) I posted a blog about how healthy he has been.

I am not a superstitious person but it is kind of strange that I wrote published that post and within 24 hours the little man had copious amounts of snot coming out of his nose. Just sayin’…

So there you have it…the streak that lasted 8 months has now abruptly ended.

My breastmilk is no longer the cure-all.

And to top it off the poor little guy has become very well acquainted with the bulb sucker. It is almost to the point where he just surrenders when he see’s it. He looks at me like “not that again mom” and then he just lies there like a statue until he feels the suck and starts to cry. It’s like I have sucked the fight right out of him.

Heartbreaking. Simply heartbreaking.

And you may all think I have it so easy beause I am a nurse.


It makes having a sick baby 20 x worse because all of a sudden I am over-thinking everything I have ever known to be true and imagining the worst case senario possible: “8 month old gets pressure ulcer in nose from having snot removed too many times.”

The other day I couldn’t even remember what a normal temperature was. I have to know that every day of my life; but if my kiddo has a slightly warm head and a temp of 98.7, don’t put it pass me to suddenly forget everything I learned in those 4 loooooong years of nursing school.

Oh no, I just heard him cough!

I better go make sure he doesn’t need to be listed for a lung transplant.


The Overreacting Mother.


4 thoughts on “Little boy in need of more antibodies

  1. Hope he feels better soon!! Colds are no fun. N’s had 2 of them that lasted for about 2 days (whew!). But I DO have to say, I don’t totally agree that breastmilk is a cure-all ALL the time. N’s been on formula 9 out of his 12 months and he’s been as healthy as a horse. =) Just sayin…. 😉

  2. Aw, poor guy! Lily was sick last week and Sophia started running a fever last night — I was so afraid she was headed that way too but this morning she seems to be much better! Hoping it stays that way! And hoping little E gets better soon!!

  3. You’re such a good mother, Ali! I’m so sorry he got sick, but I suppose it’s a relief now that he has, in some ways. Thinking of you, as always–and thank you for that lovely smiley face on my blog post. It totally made my day.


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