It’s just me today

I am off to Colorado Springs for a day sans baby.

It is always weird to leave my child at home as I go galavanting about but sometimes it is much needed. Funny though, I always miss him when we are apart. I get “it” now. I have often heard moms say how important it is to take time for yourself but also hard to leave your children. I still have yet to do it overnight {thanks to my role as “milk supplier”}. Even though a night of full rest sounds like heaven, the thought of not putting Elijah to bed or waking up to his one-tooth smile kind of makes my heart a little sad.

My agenda for the day:

1.) See my very pregnant friend Cassie. She is due on the 18th. I remember those last few weeks. How time lags and you feel like you are going to explode from either the water retention, stretching belly or the pressure down *there*. But I also remember the anticipation. The excitement of knowing you will hold your little one soon, use all the new baby stuff and suddenly be a mom. I can’t wait to chat with her about all of this.

2.) Visit my sister. She recently moved and I need to see her new digs. She also posted on FB that she got some new bedding and truthfully, I can’t wait to see that too. You all know how I am.

We seem to have gotten a little break {here in Colorado} from the artic chill and snow. But I think it is a less than 24 hour break as snow is due here in Denver around 5 tonight. I better get going.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.


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