Sadie Hawkins

I have a niece that is almost 17 {!!!!!}.

Kayla holding E when he was 3 days old


I love her to the depths of my soul.

She was the little baby I could play with when I was 10. The little toddler that I could feed heaps of ice cream to in order to make her have a brain freeze. The gorgeous pre-teen standing next to me at my wedding.  The girl with the most beautiful green eyes and strawberry blonde hair that I have ever seen. And now she is almost a woman.

Sometimes I see glimpses of how beautiful her soul truly is.


Today she text me during math class {shhhh don’t tell her mom!} to say that she was going to ask a boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Nothing out of the ordinary except that the name of the boy she was going to ask was different than the guy she told me she was going out with a week ago. Ahhh, high school. I never want to go back.

This new guy just happens to be a boy that I remember her asking me to pray for about a year ago. He had been in an accident and had a very severe brain injury. Well, she found out that he likes her. And he still can’t talk because of the injury. So to be nice to him, she is going to ask him to the dance.

I am one proud aunt.


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