Getting Perspective

At church on Sunday, our pastor taught about truly going after the things of God.  The basics about God are that He loves all of us and He wants us to be in relationship with Him. But He is jealous for us–for our time, our thoughts and our affections. He wants to reveal the deep and unsearchable things about Himself but only when we take the time to stop and turn our eyes to Him. There are so many things on this Earth that battle for attention and it is imperative that we continue to intentionally worship the living God and seek Him–not simply enjoy the pleasures of this life and hope that we are doing alright by His standards.

That is where our pastor brought up fasting. He called our church to a three day fast to consecrate ourselves to the Lord–to leave behind those things that temporarily fill us up (whether that is food, shopping, texting, TV, etc) in order to seek true nourishment.

Most people think of fasting as not eating and in most circumstances that is what it means. But since I am breast feeding, it is not healthy to stop eating and still try to provide the little man. So David and I decided to fast a few different things these past 3 days.

One of which was TV.

Boy I didn’t realize how much of my time  I have wasted on watching TV. I usually watch it when I am at home when I pump throughout the day or if I am feeding E (probably a total of 2-3 hours there). Then sometimes I will have it on in the background while I clean or cook. I also have been know to turn on a movie just to relax and hopefully catch a nap. Most nights when David comes home, I am embarrassed to admit, we usually watch a couple hours after Elijah goes to bed. {gulp!} And would you believe that we don’t even have cable?!

It has been painfully wonderful to go through withdrawal. I have spent so much more time reading, pondering, praying and listening. The fire of love for my Savior has grown noticeably in these few days. I can’t imagine how much more I would press into Him if I stopped all my  TV and Internet time. I have also been a better wife and parent. David and I have had to find different ways to connect after E goes to bed and we have actually got a few more things than normal crossed off our to-do list. While I have been home with Elijah, I play worship music in the background throughout the day (which he loves!) and we have had more time to interactively play. I am not saying that I won’t be watching TV ever again but I am seriously going to limit the time I waste.

Fasting is hard. It is uncomfortable. But it causes us to push our roots deeper toward the Source. It takes away the temporary fixes that trick us into thinking that we are full and satisfied with the things of this world.

A spiritually awake person would see everything as gift, even suffering. We deserve nothing and yet we so often act as though we deserve everything. Nothing should be taken for granted. We should say thank you every day to God and to each other for all that is provided for us. This is one reason why fasting is such an important spiritual discipline. Not just fasting from food, but also fasting from cars, shopping centres, the news – whatever we have an inordinate attachment to. Fasting can help re-kindle our gratitude for all that we have been given.

Glen Argan


3 thoughts on “Getting Perspective

  1. Ali — so ironic that you posted this! I have been reading a book..a really good one…and the author talks about fasting from something (not necessarily food) on a frequent basis. I’m planning on posting about it on my blog soon because it was so convicting and one of the things I was thinking about fasting from was TV (b/c I’m br*eastfeeding as well). Thanks for sharing your experience! Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before but…I kind of wish we lived closer — I think we might be good friends 🙂

  2. Love the idea of fasting ‘other’ things that turn our attention from God. It isn’t until they are gone when we start to crave those thing, and realize just how much of our time and attention is sometimes focused in it. Good post!

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