Bedroom Inspiration

Did you know that your bedding is only good for 2 years? No?

Well, welcome to the lie that I tell myself.

I think I have shared my issue with you all before (read here and here to get a better glimpse).

And it’s getting about that time for some more retail therapy to keep the dysfunction alive.

This time my inspiration came from here and the amazing master bedroom redo that this blogger has been working on.

Wow! I am “loving” the yellow and grey!

Thankfully the color on the walls in our bedroom are already painted to match this new color scheme that I love. The less work for me the better. 🙂

After Elijah went to bed tonight I did some perusing around the internet and thankfully for our budget unfortunately I didn’t find the perfect duvet quite yet. But one thing I know is that I will not be getting anything with stripes.

Here are some of the things I saw and liked:

Here is a nice collection of yellow and gray fabrics

Love the texture on this pillow

Too many flowers that are too big but the color combo is cute

This duvet would look great with yellow pillow accents

This one is my favorite but I prefer a more mustard yellow

Truthfully, I hope that I can hold off purchasing anything for another year but if the twitching starts I may need to find something asap.


5 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Love these! Yes yellow and gray look awesome together! I have been wanting a little change up for our bedroom. I wanted to go with orange accents with our colonial blue walls. I need a little sprucing up! Where do you get your wall sayings? I’ve been on the hunt!

  2. Oooh…I LOVE the yellow/gray combo! Here’s my two cents worth…not that you asked 🙂 But the last time we purchased bedding we got white. right now I’ve accented it with green but I liked that I could just change out the pillows and throws and make it a whole different color scheme. So what if you got a white comforter and then accented with gray and yellow pillows? Although, I must say, I do love that last bedding set you pictured!

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