My {Chronic} Condition

I seem to be plagued by a condition of sorts.

Don’t worry it isn’t life-threatening just style-threatening (cheesy, I know).

Let me explain…

When I shop, I love to browse which is in fact another post in itself.  To be brief –it is impossible for me to go into Target, to the exact item I need and simply checkout. I have to go up and down each aisle to ensure that I am not missing some great sale or great decorating idea. I end up doing this at most stores I visit and find  a lot of things I want but can’t/won’t buy at the time. This is the root cause of ALL my troubles since I usually wait too long to get the item I love.

Lately I have found this to be a problem in the shoe department.

I tend to be pretty picky about what I buy and even more so when it comes to the boots I like. I have spent all season trying to find affordable boots to my liking. I wanted mid-calf or just below the knee, flat, in a brown or cognac color and leather (fake or real…to me leather is a bit different than diamonds so I am good with imitation.). Seems simple enough doesn’t it?

Well I found a pair at Target a few months back and didn’t buy them. I wasn’t wanting to spend the money right then and wasn’t convinced they were the ones. Then when I decided they were the ones I wanted…they were out of my size and Target was not going to order anymore. Gasp! Then yesterday, the same thing happened with a pair I had found at DSW. When I finally decided that I liked them…they only had size 5 or 10. So there will be a happy midget or giant out there someday soon but no hope for me. Cue pouting…

Now this would be a pretty depressing blog post if I just finished my story there wouldn’t it?

No fear, I have found a treatment for this condition {at least when it happens to me with shoes. When it happens with furniture, I am pretty much outofluck):


All I do is type in the name of the shoe/boot that I like and wah-laa!  Google does the leg work and usually finds multiple sites with the shoe in-stock!

For example:

@ DSW my boots were: $65.00 (without tax)

@ my boots were $45.00 + $9 shipping = 54.00 total

Thats a savings of $9…woooohoooo! 🙂

The few times I have employed this method I usually find a cheaper price and most often free shipping. Plus I live in a state that doesn’t require that I pay sales tax for online purchases so I really save a lot of $$. I also used it on one of David’s Christmas presents and saved $10 by going the online route.

Anyone else ever miss out on the perfect shoes because they wait too long? Or are you an impulse buyer that is more plagued with regret?








2 thoughts on “My {Chronic} Condition

  1. First of all…I am the EXACT same way with Target (or TJ Maxx) (or any store really). Those little orange clearance stickers get me every time.

    Second of all…I had the same thing happen to me with a pair of adorable gray ruffled boot at Kohls. But unfortunately for me…I don’t know the name so I can’t even google them 😦 Glad it worked out for you though, those boots are *adorable*!

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