and a snowy New Year!

It finally snowed here in Colorado and I’m loving it.

Here is the view we had this past week as we spent some time with family in Vail, CO:

We stayed in a condo with David’s family for a few days. It was really nice to get away from daily life, take some time off work and just relax. We drank lots of hot chocolate, played Apple’s to Apple’s, ate delicious chili, opened gifts and tried to catch up on some sleep. The second day that we were there a monster snow storm made it’s way over the mountains and we had the pleasure of watching it snow for hours without needing to shovel or drive anywhere. We had a good view of the slopes and I know I would have loved the powder up there if I didn’t have to be diligent about breast pumping could have gone skiing. Before we got there, I was very excited about the reported pool because we all know how much Elijah loves swimming. But, did you see where the pool is? Outside and it was literally below freezing when we were there. Yeah, too cold for a baby and even for me.

brrr it was cold!

@ dinner with some family

David and I quickly discovered that vacationing with a little one doesn’t always guarantee rest. This was E’s first overnight trip. He loved all the extra attention from his Grandparents and Aunts but sleeping in a pac-n-play was not his favorite. He woke up every 2-3 hours and ate a ton! Either he was growing or just wanted to take part in the holiday eating–the jury is still out on that one. 🙂

such a happy {and messy} little eater!

Happy 2011 everyone!


4 thoughts on “and a snowy New Year!

  1. What fun, good job being a dedicated pumper it’s worth it. Before we went on vacay with Ian we did a few practice nights at home of him sleeping in the pack n play. Not that that advice is helpful…sorry about that.

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