What I need “to-do” and other random thoughts

Christmas is over and I am fighting the urge to take down all the decorations, clean my house,  and organize every closet and cabinet in sight. No I am not pregnant–this is typical “Ali” behavior. But I have a looooooong to-do list for the day and as I type I am considering adding “write a new blog” to the list. That way the time I am spending here will be accounted for on paper at the end of the day and I will get some satisfaction as I mark a black line through it.

I hope you had a wonderful time with your family on Christmas. We did and still have a few Christmas celebrations left to attend.

Since it was Elijah’s first Christmas, I took a lot of pictures of him that morning. I am sure that you my mom can’t wait to see a few. Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint {see below}.

Elijah’s shirt should really say, “Who needs Santa when I have 3 Grandma’s, a Grandpa, a Nana, 2 Papa’s and 3 Aunts!” Seriously, the little guy made out with some great clothes and toys this Christmas.

David and I also ended up getting him a small gift so that he would have a new toy to play with Christmas morning and some paper to rip into.

Hundreds of jokes could be made about what our first gift was to our first born.

It was a pig.

A pig that also doubles as a bank. A pig/bank that he can put colored coins in. The pig also talks. And burps when you empty the coins out of her. Yeah…it was on sale at Kohl’s.

Here are some of the pictures I promised. The lighting is not that great.  But I am pleased to announce that one of  my 2011 goals is to learn how to work Photoshop Elements {I got that as a Christmas gift last year and have yet to do much with it…oops!} but since that will take some time I can’t really fix these pictures yet.

Checking out the gifts before Daddy’ woke up

**Better lighting needed**

My boys on Christmas morning--Starbucks for us and a bottle for E

Well I am off to tackle the aforementioned to-do list before nap time is complete for E. But can I be honest with you, I really just want a nap myself.

Seriously thinking about adding that one to my list as well…


3 thoughts on “What I need “to-do” and other random thoughts

  1. LOL I had to laugh because I am the same way! I had to organize/clean everything the day after Christmas. I felt like a bit of a grinch, considering I did it literally right after Christmas, but I just couldn’t think :P.
    Awesome photos! Let me know how you like photoshop. I use Gimp for now (it’s free) but I’ve heard so many good things about photoshop (it scares me though lol).

  2. Elijah is SOOOO cute! Those are some great pictures of him!!! I am right there with you with the need to organize and clean! I am thinking of tackling the closets today! Plus we moved a few months ago so there is a room still full of boxes! I think there needs to be a support group for people like us!

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