He’s 6 {months}!

I remember thinking about this milestone when I was just about to have E. I remember how far off it felt and how 6 months seemed so old for a baby. I had no frame of reference about what it may be like or what he would look like. And it is better than anything I could have imagined.

I feel like this past month Elijah’s personality has blossomed. He is the same sweet boy that I remember gently kicking me from inside. He is the same little guy that peered up at me for the first time with his hand beside his face. He is the same giggling boy in the crib. He is the same, yet better!

We have so much fun together each day. He smiles easy and laughs a ton. He is able to spend time alone entertaining himself but eventually likes to have some company. He loves Turbo and definitely gets a kick out of  petting his fur and feeling his licks. I know Turbo could do with out E pulling on him but he continues to be gracious. Elijah also loves to eat and even this morning he ate two huge bowls of oatmeal, one jar of apples and 6 oz of milk. We weighed our little turkey on Thanksgiving and he was a 16.5 lbs. He now recognizes our faces and is easily distracted when he gets upset. He loves to pull and grab at things so we now have to watch our plates at dinner.  He also goes to the nursery at church pretty regularly and loves it. The ladies always comment what a sweet, content boy he is. I would have to agree unless you put him in his high chair. I am not sure what happened but the little guy went from loving sitting in it to hating it with a screaming, kicking, spitting passion. Eating on the floor works great. Eating in the chair is full of more drama than a soap opera.

I know I type this every month but I continue to feel so blessed to be his mom. Each month that goes by is full of lots of precious moments that I treasure in my heart. And my heart is so full.

I love you Elijah. We love you. God loves you. And we continue to pray that His will for your life would come to pass. We pray that you would know Him and be sensitive to His Spirit. We pray that you would know that hope to which you have been called {Ephesians 1: 16-20}.


3 thoughts on “He’s 6 {months}!

  1. I feel like the pictures are a little like a “baby” fashion show. Love this months outfit. Doesn’t he look hip and happening? xo

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