The Lord’s

Elijah was publicly dedicated to the Lord a few weeks ago.

We are blessed with so many family members and friends who love the Lord

I wasn’t sure it would be all that impactful for me since I have been in the habit of giving him back to the Lord long before he was born. Even the meaning of his name, “The Lord is my God,” has always reminded me of whom he  really belongs to. But our church has a wonderful baby dedication ceremony and David and I thought that it would be great to invite our families.

The last church that we attended prayed a general prayer over the new babies right before the service started the first Sunday of every month. The baby dedications were sweet but not always intimate and personal.

Our new church goes all out! They plan a dessert dinner complete with slideshow {what parent doesn’t like to see their child on a big screen}, name ceremony and prayer. They have professional photography and send every parent a DVD of the event.

I must say that it was a wonderful time and I am so glad that we decided to participate. There is something very impactful about having people publicly pray over your child and bless him.


One thought on “The Lord’s

  1. That’s really beautiful. I love that your church goes all out for this! That’s such an awesome idea, it really is a special day meant to be celebrated like that! 🙂

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