My little fish

Within the first few hours of meeting Elijah it became clear that he liked water. I remember how quiet the hospital room was as he received his first bath.  Throughout the past months there have even been times when we didn’t know how to make the little guy happy so we just ran some water over his feet. Smiles and silence always ensued.

I have been patiently waiting to take him swimming.  His pediatrician recommended that we not take him until he was 6 months old. He only has 8 days to go…close enough! And thankfully the swimming suit that a friend gave me for E is actually the right size. Try finding a 6 month old swimming suit in December, in Colorado…impossible!

This morning we headed to a rec center in our area.  It has a lazy river, two slides, and lots of fun things for kids to play with. The water seemed a little cold but E didn’t mind–he was in little 6 month-old heaven. We ended up spending over an hour there splashing, floating, sitting, bubble-blowing and jumping in the water. I know all that sounds a little advanced for him but seriously, he loved it all. He even begged me to go on the slides but he isn’t quiet tall enough for those yet–give him 6 more months, ha!

I originally didn’t want to dunk him on his first trip for fear that I might traumatize him. But with all the splashing he was doing in my face and his, I thought he might be able to handle it. I sat him on the side of the pool and let him drop in the water a few times until I let him go all the way under. He came up wide-eyed but did not cry at all. We did it another 1/2 dozen times and he seemed to like it more and more. I was one proud mama.

By the time we got out of the pool, dressed and were on our way out the door he was dead asleep on my shoulder.

I think it’s official. My boy loves the water!




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