I am a believer

in memory foam that is.

I use to think that people who liked it were classic victims of the placebo effect. I mean, how can foam be more comfortable than feathers? Not to mention that I think it isn’t that pretty to look at.


But then two things happened:

Repeated bouts with neck pain and not sleeping well.

oh and…Black Friday.

I guess it was three things that happened.

The story goes something like this…

David went shopping when I stayed home recovering from the flu. This is important because I surely would have pulled out the wife-card and trumped his decision to even think about getting a ugly, foam pillow.

But I wasn’t there and he had full reign.

At Kohl’s foam pillows just happened to be on sale {of course! what isn’t on sale at Kohl’s? Everything is always on sale which makes me think that it really isn’t a sale but instead some smart marketing-genius’ idea to trick all of us sale-loving folks into spending more money with smiles on our faces…sorry, I digress}.

The memory foam pillows were originally $90, marked down to $25. David took the bait and got two.

When he got home, I plastered the appreciative wife smile across my face while in my head I was less than enthused. I even made him save the boxes so we could take the pillows back when he finally realized how awful memory foam was going to be if we didn’t love them.

Then when no one was looking {not even Turbo} I tried mine out.

It felt ok but I still wasn’t convinced.

Then I slept on it for 8 hours. I slept on it without tossing and turning. And then I woke up WITHOUT a sore neck for the first time since I was a newborn baby.

Memory Foam is the best! And it looks ok as long as you cover it up with a pretty pillowcase.

the end.


4 thoughts on “I am a believer

  1. So agree with you about the never ending, biggest sale of the year at Kohls. I have yet to try out a memory foam, might have to put that one on my list of “trys”.

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