A few {very random} thoughts

  • My little guy is almost 6 months! Where did the time go?
  • I have not been pregnant for 6 months. Wow, 6 months pregnant felt like 6 years.  6 months not pregnant feels like 6 days. Can you tell I am not going to bearing another child very soon?
  • I love my little guy but the whole carrying him around for 9 months-thing was not my favorite.
  • Either was the waking up every 3 hours-thing.
  • But him recognizing who I am…that is the very best!
  • And today I talked to him on the phone and he stopped crying. yup…I am a superhero
  • Really I am only a superhero to Elijah and Turbo.  And sometimes David if I make Chicken Pesto Pasta.
  • I have been pumping bre.astmilk and feeding E for 6 whole months. When the doctor first asked me how long I wanted to BF I said 6 months.
  • I am going to keep doing it because 1) it is cheaper 2) it is cheaper and 3) it is better for him.
  • It will be nice to someday not carry around that black bag or pump in the car.
  • I wish that all the money I have saved with bre.astmilk were in an account and I could go shopping for some new boots.

And on a even more random note…

  • The Bronco’s are slowly becoming the worst team in the NFL…
  • But I will ALWAYS be a fan 🙂

Must get back to work now.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “A few {very random} thoughts

  1. I love random thoughts. I hear ya on carrying around the black bag, I don’t miss that at all as well as not having to hang out in a bathroom for 15min every 2-3hrs. Oh the places I have pumped, the measures a girl will do to release some liquid gold.

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