Our Wednesday Date

My husband hosted his own golf tournament last Monday.

It was a complete success.

I am a proud wife.

Needless to say, he has been quite busy this last month with all the coordinating, planning and work that had to be done. Elijah and I spent many a night at home, without him. 😦

Thankfully I had the Wednesday after the tournament to look forward to since he was planning to take the day off {and it is also my day off}.

We had a lazy morning at home. Then got in the car and headed to the mountains.

I haven’t been to the mountains in a long time. I’ve missed them! Since I had the little guy in June we didn’t do much hiking this summer. And since I was prego last winter, I haven’t been skiing in over a year. A trip was way over due.

Our first stop was Idaho Springs for lunch at a wonderful pizza place called Beau Jo’s {my first time and it was scrumptious!}.

While we were waiting for our pizza, I had David take a few pictures of me and E because we don’t really have any.

Here I am cracking up because E was making some loud noises 😉

We did end up with a couple semi-good ones so I am happy.

Then we went on our way to go hiking, take some pictures and hopefully see the Aspens that have already begun to change.

But, it started raining {which hasn’t happened all month long here in CO} so we couldn’t really stop to do anything outside. I was initially a bit disappointed but it was still lots of fun.

The trees were beautiful {the pictures don’t do them justice at all} and I loved spending time with my little family.

Elijah got in a few good naps as well.

Then we headed to Yogurtland for a yummy treat before going home.

It was a wonderful day!


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