the story of US

Growing up I loved to read.

During my teenage years I loved the Christy Miller Series {anyone read those books?} by Robin Jones Gunn. The romance of Christy and Todd fueled my dreams about the day that my own handsome surfer prince would some day love all of me–most specifically at that time in my life, my large forehead that is VERY noticeable when I don’t have bangs. And I would also dream of the ways that we could serve the Lord together and go to Hawaii someday {if you haven’t read the books then don’t be surprised if the last statement makes no sense}. I read other books too. Books about girls with life threatening diseases.  Classics like Little Women. And truthfully, more Christian books that had romance intertwined within the pages.

The stories of how the characters met in said romances were always very intriguing. There was always some God-ordained way that they happened into each other’s lives and a way in which the girl came to know that he was the all-illusive “one.” It became a secret desire of my heart to have a good “story” when it was my time to meet “the one.”

It’s not that “We met at a bar” or “We knew each other since elementary school” is a bad way to happen upon your soulmate. Any love story is special. I just wanted something different…a good story. 🙂


The day my husband saw me for the first time I was quite oblivious to him. I had spent a little extra time getting ready that morning as I was going to see an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Call me vain but I wanted to look  good.

I stopped by work {A resturaunt called Zio’s} to pick up a paycheck on my way to see my friend. While I was there I chatted with a few of my co-workers, got my check and was on my way. I only remember being there for about 10 minutes but that is all it took.

Somewhere in the resturaunt, David noticed me. He actually “noticed me” enough that his sister asked who he was looking at. He pointed at me and stated that he thought I was cute {score!}.

Now the story might possibly stop there {IF} his sister didn’t just happen to know me or {IF} we hadn’t actually worked together for 2 years or {IF} we weren’t actually friends.

The next time we worked together she told me that her brother thought I was good looking and she wanted to set us up. I had pretty high standards so I started asking  a million preliminary questions: Is he a Christian? Does he have a college degree?  Does he have a job? How old is he? What does he look like? How tall is he? What is his eye color? What does he like to do for fun? Where does he go to church? And on and on I went down the “perfect-guy list’ I had created{You girls know we ALL have A LIST!}.

After she answered all my questions to my satisfaction, I agreed to meet him sometime. With that answer her matchmaking went into high gear and the next time we worked together she had her family {David included} come into eat and had me casually deliver the food to their table.

After an initial awkward meeting, he ended up asking to meet me at church {funny thing was we actually went to the same 10,000 member church} the next day.

We met up, sat next to each other and the thing that I remember noticing was that he was a bad singer. So horrible in fact that I liked him for it since I myself am equally as horrible. Oooh, a match made in heaven!

After church we went out to Starbucks and talked for 4 hours. It was delightful and I went home, called my mom and told her that there was just something different about this guy.

I was right.

Clearly we ended up together.


The story got even more interesting along the way.  Let’s just say that after dating for about 4 months, I broke his heart. Then God had our paths cross again 7 months later. And let me tell you, that story is EVEN better. 

Hopefully I can find time to share it with you all. Thanks for reading.

{oh! and if any of you want to take the time to write up your own love story on your blog, I would love to read it!)


7 thoughts on “the story of US

  1. I love your story! The hard part with you is waiting until you write the next part. So I will excitedly waiting until then (do I need a life or what?).

  2. 1. I, too, am a major Christy Miller fan and am currently waiting for my blonde-haired, piercing-blue-eyed, God-fearing, sexy-surfer Todd Spencer to come and whisk me away to Hawaii and call me Kilikina for the rest o’ our days. If only I had nutmeg-brown hair and killer eyes!

    2. I love your guys’ story MORE than Todd and Christy’s, though, because it’s totally real and totally you. Reminds me that God loves good stories and has one in store for me. I can only imagine how THAT one’s going to go! 🙂

    3. I can’t wait for chapter 2 of this when you talk about how you broke his heart. My mom did the same thing to my dad. Totally makes their story.

    4. I love your blog!

  3. Yes! Ali broke my heart… It was a very devastating time in my life.

    No, I am totally kidding. In chapter 2, David brings his A game and totally wins Ali’s heart.

  4. A few things:

    1. Christy Miller — yes! I totally wanted a surfer dude to take me on trips to Hawaii and give me my first kiss 🙂

    2. I love Zio’s 🙂

    3. I hope you’ll share the rest of your story soon!

  5. I love to hear people’s love stories! Each one is unique and they just make me smile. I also love to see how God plays a roll in each person’s life and then bring their story together. It’s just awesome!
    I’m such a helpless romantic 😉
    I can’t wait to hear the rest!

  6. Yay! GO ME!!!! If only I could find one for myself. Ali can you return the favor please? Know of any stunning young men?

    I like how you wrote this on my bday!

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