My day {thus far}

Woke up three times before sunrise

Officially got up, changed Elijah’s clothes. Saw the first of many smiles that will keep me going today.

Fed the him. Fed Turbo. Fed myself.


Thought about putting baby jogger together myself.

Hubby graciously agreed to watch the little guy instead.

Went for a run.

Saw a BIG fox. Thought it was a coyote. Tried to find somewhere safe to {out run it} to.

Realized it was in fact a fox. Took a deep breath.

Kept running. Got unbearably hot. Walked for a few minutes while no one was watching.

Came home. Took out the trash. Took a shower.

Elijah started crying. Put him in bumbo. Blow dried my hair.

Silence from baby…ah.

Fed him. Fed myself.


Put in episode of Friends. Put baby on my chest. Took nap.

Woke up.

Checked Facebook.  Checked Google Reader. Checked AOL.

Typed Blog.

Baby waking up…


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